How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without Money In India

If you are curious to know how to start affiliate marketing in India, here is an excellent attempt to satisfy your curiosity.

Suppose you are thinking of starting an affiliate marketing business in India. In that case, it will prove to be a profitable business for you.

Affiliate Marketing Easy online money-earning profession is known as Affiliate Marketing. It allows you to earn more money with little effort.

Anyway, if one thing is to be told the truth, then who gets the loss of extra income. Some extra cash can make your life more comfortable.

Affiliate marketing is neither magic nor a trick. It is a strategy that gives you a commission for selling a product.

Regarding the future scope of Affiliate Marketing, recent data has been given by IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India), according to which the earnings from Affiliate Marketing in India can be more than $ 920 million by 2027.

According to statista, these figures are increasing rapidly in India and the US, which may exceed 1000 million dollars by 2027.

The main reason for expanding the scope of affiliate marketing is the increasing trend of people towards online shopping. You must have done online shopping at some point in your life.

Online shopping is happening near you or at home. If these figures are to be believed, the scope of affiliate marketing is growing very fast in other countries, including India. If you choose it as your career, you will get it. It will be of benefit.

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing in India?

  1. There are many leading online shopping websites or companies working in India, which allows you to become their partner. You can quickly start your affiliate marketing business in India by joining their affiliated associations.
  2. When you go to sell the products of a famous website or company through an affiliate, this step is a better decision than starting to sell your product. The main reason is that well-known websites have their built-in market value, which people believe, due to which people start buying from your affiliate link.
  3. Affiliate marketing is a good business model because it is highly cost-effective. You get a commission on your products, which can be done very quickly.

Along with earning more profit in less time with Affiliate Marketing, you can also increase your ROI, which is very important today. Some other main reasons put more emphasis on starting affiliate marketing in India.

Requirements to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Money In India

There are some essential requirements for how to start Affiliate Marketing in India, which are briefly explained below.

  1. To start affiliate marketing, first of all, you must have the proper product selection, or you should be able to choose the perfect niche.
  2. After this, you should have a YouTube channel or blog website. It would help if you had a hosting plan from a trusted company for a blog website.
  3. It would help if you had a .com domain for a blog website. The .com domain is the best domain for every country and every type of target audience.
  4. Your website or YouTube channel should have at least 400 to 500 monthly traffic.
  5. You must have an account with any affiliated associations.
  6. You must have a strategy to earn passive income from affiliate marketing.
  7. It would help if you had the power to attract your target audience towards your affiliate products.
  8. As an entrepreneur, you must have a vision and plan to increase your sales by focusing.

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How to start Affiliate Marketing Business In India

1- Find a Suitable Product Category (Niche)

2- Build a Website/Youtube channel

3- Sign up for an Affiliate Program

4- Select the product you intend to Promote

5- Create content 

Below you are given the most straightforward steps from which you can get the answer to the question of how to start affiliate marketing in India without money:

1- Find a Perfect Product Category (Niche)

Before starting affiliate marketing, finding a perfect product category (niche) is essential. This decision can make you a successful affiliate marketer. This is important because you will guide a specific audience about that category in your writing or content.

Use your wisdom to choose the product category that is easiest for you. Choosing the right product category sets you apart from the crowd of millions of affiliate marketers.

How to Find a Profitable Product Category (Niche) for Affiliate Marketing In These Easy Steps

(i) Choose From Your Interests and Pastimes

When choosing niches to start affiliate marketing in India, the first thing you should keep in mind is your interests and what you do in your spare time.

Make a list of items you have already spent money on to understand the customers’ mindset quickly.

You have to think more about the things that are viable as an online business. Most people have successfully turned their hobbies into profitable niche businesses because when you do something you love, it will never feel like work.

You go through the list of all the hobbies you have made, and you will be amazed to see the number of niches highlighted in this list.

You must consider how much you know about the market you are entering. You won’t become an expert immediately; you must keep working on your chosen product category (niche).

(ii) Identify Monetization Potential Within the Niche

Always choose a niche that includes multiple monetization options, as it minimizes your risk and ensures that you always make money in your chosen niche, even if one of your affiliate accounts is closed.

Find an exciting place on Google for your primary topic, then look at the top 10 to 20 websites that appear in the results and test the presence content in these sites to see if it is suitable for other monetization options like google Adsense, amazon affiliate.

You can go to Amazon to check the quality of your niche and also check how much commission you will get for selling that product. At this point, try and select the product which gives maximum commission.

(iii) Analyze the Competition and Search Volume for the Niche

We should always choose the niche with low competition and high search volume because with less competition; you will be able to rank your content quickly. 

Niches with high search volume will give you more opportunities to earn money. Never go with keywords or niches with low search volume because you will not get any searches on them, and your affiliate business will never grow.

You can use SEMrush, Ahref, and Google Keyword Planner to start your research.

(iv) Take Advantage of Market Gaps

To benefit from the specific niche you get in, you have to supply excellent site material to the other sites in your particular niche. 

Check out the material released by the leading sites in your market and keep any issues with it in mind. You can use more videos, images or gifs to distinguish the material from your rivals.

In addition, there might be pushing concerns about a topic that the leading sites stop working to discuss. An excellent technique to determine such omissions is to check out the blog site and discuss these websites. 

The unfavourable evaluations of niche-related books on Amazon can shed light on what type of material your audience desires to check out.

2- Build a Website/Youtube channel

The best way to start Affiliate Marketing in India is to create your own YouTube channel or website so that you can tell about your products to your target customers. The best way to be a successful affiliate marketer is through a website. That’s why we advise you only to do affiliate marketing through the website.

Developing a site is relatively easy. Incorporate the 2 and begin creating your site.

A CMS like WordPress makes it simple to produce a site independently without the requirement for any coding understanding.

Utilizing a site home builder eliminates the requirement to buy a domain and hosting individually. Site contractors provide restricted SEO and analytics tools. 

You might be able to incorporate SEO and analytics plugins; however, the tools you access depend upon the site contractor you pick.

On the other hand, utilizing WordPress to construct a site might take more work. However, it isn’t made complex by any means. 

Even more, WordPress offers affiliates a great deal of versatility when it concerns personalizing the appearance and operation of the site.

3- Sign up for an Affiliate Association Program

The most crucial step in beginning affiliate marketing in India is signing up and selecting the proper affiliate marketing program. Do a fast research study on the most popular affiliate marketing programs and pick the one with more excellent commissions for the item classification of your option.

Some most famous affiliate marketing association networks in India are:

i) Flipkart Affiliate Program

It does not need any cost to sign up with and provides a competitive commission portion on its extensive range of items. They pay on time.

Flipkart uses its affiliate’s advantages, such as custom-made discount coupon codes and unique promos, to assist affiliates in driving more sales. This makes Flipkart’s affiliate program among the best programs to sign up with for affiliates in India.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the cookie period is 24 hr, and the minimum payment limit is set to 25,000. This might make driving sales challenging for unskilled affiliates.

ii) Join Amazon Associates Program

Amazon introduced its affiliate program in 2013. It has been among the leading options for affiliate marketing business in India. Amazon’s affiliate program provides commissions of as much as 12%.

The commission rates differ according to item classification, with Amazon providing a high commission of 12% on appeal items and a 15% commission for Amazon Games sales. You can have a look at the main commission table here.

I believe Amazon Affiliate Program is the best; you can sign up for free here. You must make 3 sales within 180 days to verify your Amazon Affiliate Program.

iii) Cuelinks

With over a thousand projects, Cuelinks uses an excellent spread of items for Indian affiliates to promote. The best aspect of the network is that incorporating its plugin into WordPress will instantly place affiliate links to all the keywords on your site.

Affiliates do not require to pay to register and must collect 500 commissions to ask for a payment. The seven-day cookie period involves high effort from affiliates to transform visitors into consumers rapidly.

iv) vCommission

Among the earliest affiliate networks running in India, vCommission is relied on by over 100,000+ affiliates worldwide and deals with big brand names such as Myntra and SnapDeal. Depended upon over 130+ marketers, the network offers a vast array of items to promote.

You will require to make commissions worth $100 to ask for a payment. vCommission pays its affiliates on a 30-day cycle. It is essential to remember that for affiliates to receive the program; they need to utilize English on their site.

vCommission provides an excellent earnings % on sales. Blog writers have the alternative to make money through their CPC, CPS, CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT, and CPI deals.

They use app setup and specialized branding that appeals to blog writers.

v) eBay

For those who wish to generate income quickly by starting affiliate marketing in India, eBay needs to be your option for the affiliate program. You can sign up with the eBay affiliate marketing network in India free of cost. They likewise provide attractive commission rates.

vi) Reseller Club

If your website is based on hosting, server and domain product category (niche), then the best Reseller club affiliate association program are for you. Here you can earn anywhere between ₹1,000 to ₹10,000 per sale. Its most important thing is that you can join it for free.

vii) Share a Sale

Share a Sale can be a great choice if you desire to make well by doing affiliate marketing in India. Afterwards, you must choose a merchant item appropriate for your blog site.

4- Select and Promote Your Product

Start affiliate marketing in India if you pick an item classification such as Style, Electronic devices, gardening, Appeal & Clothing, House Furnishing, and so on. Now you require to select an item. Search for the item name in the offered search box if you currently have a list of chosen objects.

You should discover premium items with excellent scores and evaluations to promote. This can be simple if you have actually signed up with a standalone affiliate program such as the Amazon Affiliates program.

Suppose you have signed up with an affiliate network. In that case, you will require to identify whether the item you desire to promote has an excellent track record in the market.

When you promote an item with a high sales volume, it is much easier to get individuals to acquire it than an item that has accumulated in the marketplace or does not have an increased need.

Think About Before Decide to Promote a Product or Service

  • Will your audience have the ability to understand the function of the item?
  • Will your audience discover this item beneficial?
  • Will your audience have the ability to acquire the item without much trouble?
  • Does the item provide a sufficient high commission to validate the effort to promote it?
  • Is the item appealing enough to transform pleasing visitors to satisfy my commission targets if the commission is low?

5- Create Content For Affiliate Marketing

The last step of how to start affiliate marketing in India is to create articles or any content on the product you have chosen. 

We are approaching content production artistically to convince visitors to acquire while keeping the material helpful. This is crucial to success in affiliate marketing.

When it comes to promoting, composing any material will not do the work. It would be best if you likewise moulded your composing to convince them to purchase.

We have given an idea to create the best performing content for Affiliate Marketing for your website or YouTube channel, the list of which you will find below:

i) Create "How-to" Content to Start Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner

“How to” content teach individuals something and they likewise take place to be the best-performing ones for sales. You can compose how-to short articles in addition to tutorials. They include much worth to your readers and create natural sales.

Most typically about how to utilize an item. Guideposts offer many details and can naturally encourage visitors to buy an item. For example, “How to organize small household storage?”, “How to Use Email Marketing Tools?” “How to buy a perfect iron?” This is the question that you can combine with relevant product links.

(ii) Make "Comparison Blog Posts/Video" to Start Affiliate Marketing in USA from India

In a comparison blog post or video, we write about two or more similar category products with their features, characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of that product. You can make it content in the form of text or video.

The comparison blog post or video helps visitors determine which product is better for them. These posts can be exceptionally effective in attracting more traffic.

(iii) Create "Product Review Articles or Videos" to Become an Affiliate Marketer in India

How to start Affiliate Marketing in India, this content-creating idea is being used very vigorously. In this, one has to give one’s review about a product. In such a product review, a detailed description of the experience of using it is given.

You should use the product yourself and share your experiences with your visitors. The best thing about this content idea is that it will help establish your YouTube channel and website as a reliable information source.

(iv) Make "Product Listicles" Content

This is a build-up of details on various items of one classification to assist the users in deciding.

Item listicles are done best to permit readers to figure out which item is perfect for their usage case. A pleased reader is highly likely to transform, making you a commission.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing In India Without A Website

We sometimes need a website or youtube channel to become an affiliate marketer. This is the essential thing about Affiliate Marketing; everyone can do it, whether a small social media account owner or a social media influencer.

Below we are giving you some ideas by which you can become an affiliate marketer even without a website.

Using Social Media Account

Nowadays, everyone knows that the power of social media is increasing daily; using this power, you can also become a successful affiliate marketer; you should have an active social media account. You can create this account on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Telegram anywhere.

All you need to do is customize your social media as per your target customers and insert a relevant, unique affiliate link in your social media posts.

Build an Email List of Your Target Audience.

Affiliate marketing by building an email list of your target customers is a prevalent method many affiliate marketers use these days. You can use any of your forms to create an email list of your target customers, in which people can give their email to you for the product of their interest.

You can use that email list by sending them their interest-based product emails, and if they buy a product from one of the links in the emails you sent, you will get a commission.

Creating Groups is the Best Way to Start Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to start affiliate marketing without a website, creating a group on social media would be better. You can create a group of people interested in your product and give them your affiliate link in a short post about your product so that they will buy it, and you will get a commission.

You can create such groups on social media platforms like Facebook, Telegram etc. and use them to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Make a YouTube Channel to Earn Much from Affiliate Marketing in India

Suppose you want to earn more money by doing affiliate marketing in India. In that case, you can do this by creating a youtube channel. Nowadays, people are more interested in watching than reading; taking advantage of this, you can promote your Affiliate Product by creating a YouTube channel.

You can make videos on your YouTube channel on the advantages and disadvantages of your product so that your target customers can increase trust towards your affiliate product and buy your product, and you can get a commission.

Best affiliate programs in India 2023

(1) Amazon Associates:

Amazon Associates is among the first online affiliate marketing programs and is still among the best. The program allows you to make commissions on items offered by Amazon in addition to Amazon Prime memberships.

Without a doubt, Amazon India is a leading affiliate marketing program in Indian e-commerce. The platform uses high commission rates and high site conversion rates. You can quickly register on Amazon utilizing an existing Amazon account.

You are promoting printers, and a user clicks on your affiliate link at 10 a.m. but does not purchase the item. You are credited for the purchase made within the next 24 hours of clicking on your affiliate link.

(2) Reseller Club Affiliate:

A reseller hosting business, the Reseller Club Affiliate Program enables you to make massive commissions. All you must do is promote among the biggest resellers-focused registrars acknowledged worldwide.

The Reseller Club Affiliate Program allows you to make commissions on services and items offered by Reseller Club, a leading service provider of web hosting and other web-related services.

(3) Flipkart Affiliate:

The Flipkart Affiliate enables you to make commissions on items offered by Flipkart, among the leading e-commerce sites in India. The program uses various electronic devices, books, clothes, and more.

The commission rates vary for various item classifications and are quickly available on their affiliate marketing program page. Flipkart supplies online marketers with a series of tools. These consist of banners, widgets, and a ready-made set of item links that you can quickly plugin on your site.

(4) ShareASale Affiliate Program:

Choose the ShareASale Affiliate and make money by promoting the items of over 40,000 businesses with significant brand names such as Nike, Canon, and WordPress. The network uses many things: clothes, electronic devices, books, hosting, style items, and more.

(5) ClickBank Affiliate Program:

The Web is awash with a range of chances for you to promote ClickBank items, such as e-books, software applications, and subscription websites. The network provides a varied choice of products in a variety of sectors.

Here you can get a commission of around 7000 to 20000 on every sale. It is one of the highest commission-paying affiliate marketing programs.

(6) Awin Affiliate Association:

Awin is an affiliate that permits you to make commissions on item sales from many businesses, consisting of numerous significant brand names. The network provides an extensive range of styles, electronic devices, travel, charm items, and more.

(7) Hostgator Affiliate Network:

It allows you to promote the items of among the leading Webhosting business. The program provides a vast array of web hosting, domain, cloud storage, and SSL certificates.

(8) CJ Affiliate Association:

It is an affiliate that allows you to promote the items of over 3400+ marketers, consisting of numerous significant brand names. The network uses many things, including clothes, electronic devices, style, appeal items, books, and more.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Before starting affiliate marketing in India, you should also know about its advantages or benefits so that you do not have to regret it later.

Why is affiliate marketing in India online programs advantageous? In today’s marketing circumstance, online marketing is versatile, offers an exceptional audience, and makes you a tremendous amount through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing enables the business to efficiently market an item with a low spending plan, low effort and time, and at a well-contained danger level while ensuring a high return on your financial investment, boost in brand name awareness, and organization development.

It is affordable:

Among the most significant benefits is that affiliate marketing is economical and does not spend much to establish. The merchant need not invest in salespeople, and the overall reach of the item and its sales soar through affiliate marketing.

You have independent control:

Producing your affiliate marketing program on the site supplies you manage over your revenues. You can be the owner, business owner and employer of this company.

No marketing package required:

Being an affiliate, your merchant supplies you with advertising products, advertisements and banners, conserving you from pricey marketing sets and spending plans.

Earn passive incomes:

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Hassle-free and versatile:

You can produce numerous sites, advertisements, affiliate programs, and projects for each classification of items, sites, landing pages and blog sites for much better outcomes. Hence, your income from a well-diversified affiliate program stays hassle-free, reliant and versatile on your efforts.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

Every coin has two sides, so how to start affiliate marketing in India there are some disadvantages that you should think about before starting affiliate marketing. Here we are telling you some disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing which will be very useful for you.

Lose focus:

There is no regular, pre-decided targets or program as a freelancer in affiliate marketing. Plus, being your employer might indicate complacency and losing focus. This is among the most significant downsides, precisely because the earnings might begin just after a long period.

High competition on this marketing:

With affiliate marketing revealing a high need, some sites go the affiliate marketing method one day or another. The field is competitive, and the decision to win makes a colossal count.

It can get aggravating to wait for a long time without a correct method in the long run. The Amazon affiliate program commissions stay repaired over several years.

Quantity-based method problem:

Like all companies, there are spammers in affiliate marketing projects who deceive customers with their material with a short-term objective of accomplishing volume-based sales. Trust and consistency count in the long run, so remain concentrated and prevent such affiliate programs.

Top Niches to Start Affiliate Marketing India as a Beginner

We are giving you a list of some best affiliate marketing niches which will prove to be very helpful for you to start affiliate marketing in India for the first time.

  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Dog food
  • Home & Garden
  • Travel
  • Business and Finance
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Gaming
  • Kids Fashion
  • Health

Top Bank Affiliate Programs to Start on Affiliate Marketing

We are telling you about Affiliate Marketing of some popular banks, starting from which you can earn from Rs. 20000 to Rs. 50000 on every sale.

  • HDFC Affiliate Program
  • ICICI Referral Programme
  • SBI Joint Ventures
  • Axis Affiliate Program
  • Kotak 811 Affiliate Program
  • Yes Bank Affiliate Program 
  • first (IDFC Bank) Personal Loan Agent Program

Best Insurance Affiliate Programs in India

  • Bajaj Allianz Affiliate Program
  • HDFC ERGO Affiliate Program
  • Max Life Insurance Affiliate Program
  • PolicyBazaar Affiliate Program
  • SBI General Insurance Affiliate Programme
  • Embrace Pet Insurance Affiliate Program
  • CoverWallet Insurance Affiliate Program
  • RoamRight Insurance Affiliate Program

Top E-Commerce Affiliate Programs in India

  • Amazon Affiliates
  • Flipkart Affiliate
  • Paytm Affiliate
  • Shopify
  • Snapdeal Affiliate

More FAQs on Start Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing earnings in India with less than 1 year of experience to 5 years varies from 1 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs with a typical yearly wage of 4.5 Lakhs based upon 27 wages.

There are 22 significant and popular Affiliate Marketing Programs in India, whose list is below.

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. Flipkart Affiliate Program
  3. Awin Association Program
  4. BigRock Affiliate
  5. Reseller Club 
  6. Optimize Affiliate
  7. Clickbank
  8. Cuelinks Affiliate program
  9. Hostgator Affiliate 
  10. Hosting Affiliate
  11. Godaddy Affiliate Program
  12. vCommission
  13. Sendinblue Affiliate
  14. AWeber 
  15. ConvertKit 
  16. Fiverr Affiliate Association
  17. GetResponse 
  18. Unbounce 
  19. Pabbly 
  20. Ahref Affiliate 
  21. Semrush Affiliate
  22. Outgrow

To start an affiliate of Amazon, you must sign up for the Amazon Association Program, and you can join it by following the steps. There is no fee to join the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Zac Johnson is the richest affiliate marketer, earning over $100000 every year. He began with affiliate marketing on Amazon and released his site in 2007 to construct his brand name before offering affiliate items. Johnson has explored all things digital throughout the years to discover the finest techniques in affiliate marketing.

 In the pay-per-click affiliate marketing design, a marketer pays a publisher (such as an affiliate online marketer who owns a site or online search engine) when an advertisement shown on their website is clicked.

To start Affiliate Marketing in Hindi, you must sign up for the Affiliate Association program and join it by following the steps. The Hindi language will be beneficial to start affiliate marketing in India, and you will progress fast.


In this article, we have clarified the steps required to start Affiliate Marketing in India. When you choose a product to affiliate with, you need to analyze whether the product you select is relevant to your target audience.

We have given you all the necessary steps for how to start Affiliate Marketing in India. If you liked this article, share it with your friends and contacts.


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