How To Use Google Search Console For SEO: Top SEO Hacks

Do you want to know how to use Google Search Console for SEO? It is essential to use Search Console to optimize the website and increase traffic

If you also want to know how to use Google Search Console, thoroughly read this article.

In January 2018, Google refreshed its Search Console and began carrying it out for beta testing. The new framework has acquired a foothold in recent months as more individuals exploit the refreshed apparatuses. 

Google’s Search Console was recently known as Google Webmaster Central and afterward Google Webmaster Tools. It gives instructive assets and experiences to SEO experts to assume responsibility for their web presence. 

This is a fundamental asset on the off chance that you need to develop your natural traffic and foster a reasonable image of your hunt presence. 

In how to use Google Search Console for SEO, the most excellent aspect of this apparatus is that you don’t have to go throughout the day in Google’s Search Console to discover esteem in it. 

By requiring only 10 minutes every morning, you can improve your website’s SEO and foster an unmistakable arrangement for development. 


In how to use Google Search Console for SEO, we first need to know Search Console.

Google Search Console is a totally free tool used by Google to assist site owners in keeping track of and preserving their website’s existence in Google search engine results.

It supplies essential marketing information that you require to begin tracking from the first day. It likewise informs you about mistakes, security problems, and indexing issues that might impact your site’s search rankings.

You can utilize all these details in your WordPress SEO technique to increase site traffic.

Because many of them believe that simply including their site in Google Browse Console is enough. The unfortunate part is that many organizations do not use the full power of Google Browse Console.

There’s a lot more than you can do with the tool.

You’re missing out if you’re not leveraging all of the practical functions that Google Search Console deals with.

Fortunately, we’re here to assist. We have actually produced this supreme Google Browse Console guide to help you grow your site like a Pro.

Why is Google Search Console Important To Our Website?

The use of Search Console is beneficial for the website. When it comes to how to use Google Search Console for SEO, it becomes even more important but do you know why Google Search Console is necessary for our website. So let’s understand it.

Search Console lets you quickly keep track of and, in many cases, fix server mistakes, website load concerns, and security problems like hacking and malware.

Likewise, you can utilize it to guarantee any website upkeep or changes you make concerning browse efficiency.


How To Use Google Search Console For Website Complete Guidance Step-By-Step Process

Now it is your turn to know how to set up Google Search for a website. It is essential for the SEO of your website, and when it comes to how to use Google Search Console for SEO, it becomes even more critical. Is. So let us tell you some easy steps here, by following which you can set up Google Search Console very easily.


Step-1 Adding Your Website to Google Search Console

How To Setup Google Search Console Account
First Step To Setup Search Console Account

How to Use Google Search Console for SEO First, we need to add our website to Search Console to quickly analyze and monitor the website.

Like Google Analytics, Google Search Console is also absolutely free, which we can use without paying any money. As I told you in my previous article, which set up Google Analytics for SEO, you can also create your own account.

For this, you will have to type Google Search Console in your browser; after that, you will have to click on the first result that will appear. You will have to log in with the same email ID from which you have created your website.

After this, you will be asked to add your website here.

After this, you have to verify the ownership of your website. There are also 2 ways:-

  1. Domain
  2. URL Prefix

By clicking on one of these, you can add your website.

Step-2 Overview Report in Google Search Console

Step-2 How To Using Overview Report in Google Search Console
Overview Report In Search Console

In Search Console, you can quickly look at your website and monitor your website’s performance. Here you can monitor your website visitors.

Here we can find out how much traffic has come to our website in which month and accordingly we can make our other strategy so that the website’s traffic can increase.

  • Performance.
  • Coverage.
  • Enhancements.

Step-3 URL Inspection Tool Best Tool For Google Webmaster Tools

URL Inspection Tool In Search Console
URL Inspection Tool

What is the URL Inspection Tool?

The URL Inspection Tool is my favorite tool in the Google Search Console, where you can see what articles you type or what your website looks like to Google.

With the help of this tool, you can check how your website or article appears on Google. This tool proves to be very beneficial for bloggers or website owners.

You can utilize this URL inspection tool to send the URL to indicate to Google to crawl that page if you released a brand-new blog site post or revamped a website.

How To Use URL Inspection Tool

You will find the exact answer here on how to use the URL Inspection Tool. When it comes to how to use Google Search Console for SEO, it becomes imperative that you come to use the URL Inspection Tool.
You will get all these answers step by step below.

Let’s discuss what you’re seeing detailed:

  1. This Post’s Existence on Google status is URL is on Google– this indicates it can appear in Google Browse. That’s what you wish to see!
  2. View crawled page lets you see the HTML action Google got after asking for the short article. Together with more technical information such as the called HTTP action code.
  3. On the right, you see the Demand Indexing button, which you can utilize to get Google to re-crawl and re-index your URL.
  4. Under Protection, you’ll discover more comprehensive details about whether Google could crawl and index the URL appropriately. It stated Sent and indexed in our case, suggesting we sent the URL through our XML sitemap, consequently indexed.
  5. Under Enhancements, Google reports whether it came across any Mobile Functionality concerns, what Schema markup has actually been discovered, and whether it stands. In our case, all of it looks great and matches what we’d anticipate.
  6. The Test Live URL function lets you run a live test on this URL. If you desire to verify modifications or repairs, this function is helpful.

Excellent Tips: “The details you’ll discover in the URL Examination Tool date from the last time Google attempted or indexed to index your URL. Utilize the Test Live URL function to evaluate the present status of the URL.”

Step- 3 Index Where See How Many Pages On Your Website Are In Google's Index

See how many pages index in google search console
Indexed Pages In Search Console

Utilizing Google Search Console’s “Coverage” report, you can see precisely the number of pages of your website Google has actually indexed. Click “Coverage,” and after that, pick the tile for “Valid.”

Real Post suggests that you “compare the variety of pages you have actually sent using XML sitemap with the real variety of pages. that have actually been indexed by Google– especially for big websites.”

“This is among the most crucial actions to take to figure out if your website has crawling, indexing, and/or material duplication concerns,” Alok states.

Step-4 Recognize Unindex or Uncrawl Pages

See Crawl Pages In Console
Crawl Pages

In how to use google search console for SEO often, designers will include no-index or canonical tags to a page to momentarily avoid Google from crawling it. However, they might forget to, later on, eliminate those tags. Other times, you erase a page and forget to reroute it to a brand-new page.

Google Browse Console logs concerns for these types of issues, so you do not require to examine the HTML of each page to look for mistakes. You can discover these mistakes in the protection report by clicking “Protection” and choosing “Mistake” and “Legitimate with cautions.”

“The brand-new Browse Console user interface takes a little bit of time to get utilized to; however. Its upgraded protection tool is definitely spectacular,” states Real Post of SEO with Love.

“It not just reveals which pages aren’t indexed. However, it likewise describes why those pages weren’t indexed.”

“It assisted me to discover a designer’s error on among the sites I was dealing with. The site began losing rankings for no factor.

Obviously, a considerable variety of pages were no-indexed by mistake. Because that’s a highly unusual error, it would have taken me longer to identify it if that wasn’t for Google Browse Console.”

“404 mistakes are typically an outcome of damaged or old links which have actually formerly been indexed by Google,” states RealPost’s Alok Mishra. “However, with this function, you can quickly discover URLs on your domain that are producing 404 mistakes.”

RealPost’s Alok Mishra keeps in mind that not all mistakes must be resolved. “Often, you can neglect the problems Browse Console notifies you of. such as asking you to consist of task publishing details on a professions page that presently has no positions open.”

How to Fix Crawl Errors In Search Console?

Some Basic Crawl Errors:

  1. Server error: Server mistakes/mistakes usually occur when your website is being hit with excessive traffic. You’ll wish to dig much deeper to see if it’s a concern related to the connection or timeout.
  2. 404 error: These are the most typical mistakes/error you will get. 404 mistakes can occur when you unpublish a page, erase the page, and so on.
  3. DNS (Domain Name System) error: This error/mistake suggests something is taking place on the server-side, so call anywhere you’re hosting (GoDaddy, BlueHost, Hostinger, and so on).
  4. Soft 404 error: These mistakes suggest that your header HTTP action code does not return a 404 code. To repair, carry out a 301 redirect if the page is dead or evaluate the page for thin or replicate material.

After a long month of page speed improvements and keyword mapping in how to use google search console for SEO, the most straightforward quick fixes you can do to your site are tidying up your crawl mistakes.

With simply one 301 redirect, you can change a damaged link into a beautiful nest of backlink unicorns.

Significance: If you have a damaged page that is creating a lot of backlinks, 301 rerouting it will make sure you’re still getting the credit (and authority) for those backlinks.


Step-5 Submit a Sitemap The Most Important Step In Google Search Console

Step-5 Add A Sitemap In Google Search Console
Add Sitemap In Search Console

Suppose you have a sitemap that you keep upgraded for your website. In that case, you can send that sitemap in Google Browse Console to make it much easier for Google to crawl your website. And let it learn about brand-new pages you have actually released.


What Is the Sitemaps Report?

A sitemap is essential for a website owner. Its importance increases even more in how to use google search console for SEO because without it, google search console is unable to read and understand your website.

From a sitemap, Google’s crawlers can better understand changes to the website and rank it.

Sitemaps can seem like the mystical male concealed behind the green drape.

Much of what you consist of in your sitemap, from leaving out tags to eliminating classifications, can impact your site.

Take note of the Sitemaps report cautions. Here is a take a look at the Sitemap area.

The Sitemaps report in Google Search Console shares insights into what is taking place on your site.

Yes, these are mistakes discovered in your sitemap. However, a lot more can be found in this mistake report.

To submit a sitemap:

  • Click “Sitemaps.”
  • Enter the URL for your sitemap.
  • Click “Submit.”

How to Solve Errors in the Website's Sitemap Report?

Worry not; your most OK defense to these sitemap mistakes is digging deep into why these mistakes took place in the first place.

Here is an issue I have actually encountered through my website audits …

A big site concerns me for an SEO audit. They have 10000+ pages with several sitemaps. Incredible?

After taking 5 seconds to evaluate their sitemap mistakes, I observed only one URL was being indexed compared to 16,000 URLs from this sitemap.

After more examining, I saw an uppercase letter in the sitemap entry.

After repairing the entry, 85% of the pages were indexed in 2 weeks.


Step-6 Mobile Usability For Better Search Console Report

Mobile Usability Feature Search Console For Better SEO
Mobile Usability Feature

Make Sure Your All Pages Are Mobile-Friendly With Google gradually rolling out its mobile-first indexing, all pages on your site must be mobile-friendly.

Fortunately, Google Browse Console makes it simple to discover any mobile page problems.

“I constantly examine all 100+ of my article and websites to make certain that they’re mobile-friendly. “Google checks to ensure that the pages are fast and responsive to load, which all components fit on the page and typefaces aren’t too little to keep reading mobile.”

“Google Search Console offers you with a list of the particular mobile-unfriendly pages and what requires to be remedied. This makes sure that your web pages are offering a much better mobile experience for visitors– which they wind up ranking greater in search.”

What Is the Mobile Usability Report In Search Console?

Google introduced the Mobile Use report in Google Browse Console right before the massive statement of relocating to a mobile-first index.

The Mobile Functionality report offers you the chance to repair mobile style and advancement problems.


How Do I Fix Mobile Usability Report Issues?

How to use google search console for SEO: We need to fix the Mobile Usability Error report. Because we will not rank in Google or any search engine without it.

What begins as a well-thought website design method can rapidly become sluggish. Unclickable, an awkwardly scrolling mess of a site, sending you into a whirlwind of no leads and an increased bounce rate.

The adverse effects of an improperly developed mobile site can leave you drowning in low natural traffic and no clients.

Here are some typical mistakes in the Mobile Use report and how to repair them:

  1. Viewport not set up: Ensure your pages utilize the meta viewport tag to change the measurements based upon the gadget used by visitors.
  2. Material broader than the screen: Ensure your pages do not need horizontal scrolling to see totally.
  3. Clickable aspects too close together: Make sure your buttons and links are far sufficient apart.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

What Is the AMP Report In Search Console?

Whenever I have the chance to increase page speed with one stone, I take it.

And, it ends up AMP pages resembling little SEO burritos, with all of the mobile search engine result advantages. I’m caring bundled into one easy-to-implement technique.

Boosts page load time? Examine, inspect, inspect.

Recently, Google revealed that Google Browse Console will track images that communicated with the ‘swipe to go to function. You can see this function in the Efficiency reports above.

When you’re all set to examine for any mistakes in your AMP markup, the AMP report in Google Search Console is your finest good friend.


Ans:- To include your blog site in the Browse Console, you must sign up with your Google account at Google Search Console. Later on, you must have the confirmation code supplied by the tool and include it on your blog site.

Ans:- Well, SEO represents ‘Seo,’ which is the procedure of getting traffic from complimentary, natural, editorial, or natural search results page in an online search engine. It intends to enhance your site’s position in search engine result pages. The more significant the area is, the more individuals will see it.

Ans:- Seo (SEO) is the practice of enhancing websites to attempt and make them appear in a high position in the natural search engine result. To do so, SEO attempts to form a site according to Google’s algorithm.


You have been told how to use Google Search Console for SEO; we hope that this article will prove to be very useful for you. If you follow what is written in it, your website will surely rank in Google.


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