Create Effective Sales Funnel Process Stages With Real-Life Examples

This article is complete and adequate information about the sales funnel process steps. This will help bring customers directly to your business, making your business grow faster, and your earnings will also increase manifold.

Suppose you desire your company’s sales procedure to run as effectively as possible. 

In that case, you need to get your marketing or sales funnel– the process of transforming a visitor or internet browser into a paying customer.


Some business owners are relocating far from the term “advertising and marketing channel, or sales funnel process steps” because they assume it’s also mechanical or simplistic to explain the lead nurturing series. Consumers move from understanding to buy. 


I believe it’s still a practical means to explain a complicated process, and it’s a great aesthetic to envision the whole procedure from start to finish.


It’s vital– and also challenging– to construct an excellent channel. One that assists you in identifying the best customer early and makes getting your item a satisfactory experience.


Nevertheless, as high as 78% of businesses have not recognized or attempted to gauge a sales funnel. The same study revealed that 67% of advertising and marketing leads are never converted into paying clients or customers.


If you’re about to develop your very first digital marketing sales funnel, this post will help you comprehend the different stages of constructing a sales funnel process steps.

So let’s start.

When making any acquisition, a sales channel is a marketing principle that maps out the customer’s journey. 

The model uses a channel or funnel as an example because a large number of prospective customers may begin at the top-end of the sales funnel process steps, yet only a portion of these people end up buying.


A sales channel or funnel is directly attached to the client journey phases, which can be sorted into three components: leading, middle, and bottom.


The standard sales channel or funnel is split into numerous steps, varying depending on the particular sales version.


As a possibility goes through each phase or stage of the funnel, it signifies a more profound dedication to the acquisition objective. 
Whether online or standard, a lot of services use this model to assist their B2B sales in funneling or advertising initiatives in each step of the sales funnel.

Why is the Sales Funnel Important for Business?

After knowing the sales funnel, now it is very important for you to know why the sales funnel is important for us or anyone’s business? See, as the name suggests a sales funnel is a type of sales stage. 

It includes all the steps that a potential customer will do while buying a product, what he is doing or what he is thinking at the time. A sales funnel is a way to find out what a potential customer is thinking and doing at each stage of making a purchase.

Studying the stages of the sales funnel properly will give you an idea of what methods you need to take to convert a potential customer into your full-time customer. It gives you a kind of freedom by which you can convert your potential customer into a paying customer.

Therefore, sales funnel is very important for any business to generate more income.

What are the Effective Sales Funnel Stages?

There are some most important Stages or Steps Of Most Effective Sales Funnel.

Let us know in detail about all the stages of the most effective sales funnel.

The normal sales channel or funnel is split into numerous stages, which differ depending on the particular sales model. 
Stages or Steps of Sales Funnel 2021
Most Effective Stages of Marketing or Sales Funnel-
These are 6 (Six) most effective stages of sales funnel process steps:

1- Know Your Customers

2- Awareness

3- Easy Entry Point

4- Attraction

5- Decision

6- Action

1- Know Your Customers- First Sales Funnel Stage

In the first step in the sales funnel process steps, we must identify our customers. We cannot create a compelling and good sales funnel without knowing the customers.

 This stage proves to be very effective in creating a sales funnel. We have to recognise our customers. It is not that you start treating them as your customers, which you do not need.

 Without knowing customers well, you cannot ask them to take your business or service, so this step proves to be very helpful in creating a sales funnel.

2- Awareness- Effective Sales Funnel Strategy

This is the sales funnel process steps where, most of the time, your target market or audience is hearing of your company or business for the first time. In this situation, they must understand precisely what you do.

There are numerous methods of standing out. Before you begin that, the initial point you need to figure out is where your consumer is present. And afterward, go to them.
If your business is thoroughly on the internet, then you need to determine the networks in which your leads exist.
You can run advertisements there or write funded material to attract them if your customers are mainly on Facebook. 
If you believe they are more on video clip taking in websites like YouTube, after that, you can invest in generating a fantastic video that is sure to catch their interest.
If you assume your target market or audience is mainly offline, after that, you can look for methods to reach them. 
This could be through relevant occasions like trade fairs or billboards. 
You can also utilize many more individual methods such as door-to-door marketing and even dispersing flyers. 
Simply bear in mind, that this is just one of one of the most vital phase in your sales funnel process steps due to the fact that this is where your clients develop their actual impression of you.

3- Easy Entry Point - The Best Way for the Sales Funnel Build

After getting to know your customer, at this stage of the sales funnel process steps, the customer does not face any problems in reaching your business.

This means that you make the entry points of your business so easy that your sales funnel will be fully utilized only when the customer reaches you easily.
After creating an easy entry point, you will see that the number of customers coming to you will increase the number of customers who take your product.
And by the way, the specialty of a good sales funnel is to provide you with a lot of customers who buy your products or take your services.

4- Attraction- Make Effective Sales Funnel Stages

When you attempt and obtain your leads to connect with your business, the following stage is in the sales funnel process steps.

 In this phase, you think that your leads are at the very least knowledgeable about your services or know what business or product/service you are selling to them. 

You must now try to attract or encourage them as to why they require your product.

Enlighten your consumer on why specifically they need to buy from you.
What is worth you would certainly include in business and how it will undoubtedly resolve an issue. It is always prudent to highlight the difficulty rather than the service. 
Since sometimes, individuals might not be aware of the troubles they face until somebody directs them out. 
Individuals with these difficulties will immediately start coming to your business as soon as you put the ideal message throughout.

5- Decision - For Best Sales Funnel for Buying Products

In the sales funnel process steps, this phase occurs when customers decide to purchase your product or services. 

At this stage, you should bring a variety of attractive offers to your customers so that they do not see any other company or business.


You have to tell them that you offer the best product or service in the market, so the customer should try to buy from you. This stage plays the most crucial role in your sales funnel.


You continue to make attractive offers to customers so that they always think about buying from you.


6- Action

That is the bottom of the sales channel. Right here, the prospect turns into one of your company’s clients by acquiring your product and services. It’s important to state that there may be different phases to your sales channel. Your interaction with the consumer needs to go beyond the act of purchasing. 

Currently, you have to focus on consumer retention by expressing thankfulness for the acquisition, inviting him or her to share feedback, making your brand name offered assistance, etc.

Real-Life Based Examples Of Sales Funnels

With this failure of sales funnel process steps in mind, we can currently look at some sales channel instances. 
They will certainly reveal a salesperson can assist the possibility that they become a lead to buying by recognizing their crucial pain points and giving the best responses at the correct time. 

This is where sales and advertising operate in best consistency to bring in, support and impact the decision-making procedure of a possible client.

This is additionally where you can see exactly how well your advertising and marketing funnel aligns with your effective sales funnel process steps.

Example 1: Unacademy

Unacademy Best Examples of Sales Funnel Steps 2021
Unacademy Sales or Marketing Funnel Process Example

According to me, the Uncademy is the best example of a sales funnel process steps as it has today become one of the leading companies in the country by working in line with the sales funnel or marketing funnel that I have given.

As soon as you visit its website, you will see a nice easy entry point as stated in this article.

In this, customers can see their course without registration and on this first page you will also see their attractive offers, which attract customers to them.

It is also very easy to register where customers can register using only mobile number or email.

It is also very easy to use, it can be easily used in all types of devices.

Example 2: Netflix

 Netflix marketing funnel and sales funnel example 2021
Marketing or Sales funnel Example of Netflix-

Homepage:- In sales funnel process steps, their homepage discusses their risk-free test with a progression bar/timeline design. They state that there’s no commitment with the cost-free trial, and also you can terminate anytime. Since Netflix is a persisting charge, they highlight the threat reversal. 


Create Account:- Right here, you are called to offer an e-mail address to develop an account. The visitor becomes a lead.

NetFlix Pricing and Plan Sales Funnel
NetFlix Pricing and Plan Marketing or Sales
Pricing:- You can scroll right down to the FAQ section as well as discover the prices information. By default, Netflix chooses the Premium plan for you (which is a brilliant step). If you want, though, you can downgrade.
To prevent people from leaving the channel when seeing a sign-up web page, Netflix softens the effect with an introduction page which pre-frames you on what you will certainly need to do next.

How To Create A Sales Funnel For Your Company or Business

are 5 actions to assist you develop a very good sales
5 Steps to create A Very Good Sales Funnel 2023

For your sales funnel process steps to exist, you initially require prospects who can move via that funnel. When you have those leads, you can track actions as well as interaction utilizing lead racking up to identify where they remain in the channel. 

Here are 5 actions to assist you develop a very good sales funnel:

1. Build a Landing Page or Entry Page of Your Business for Management of Sales Funnel

To create the best sales funnel process steps, an entry page or landing page will more than likely be the first time leads learn more about your business.

If they click on an advertisement, sign up for a webinar, or download an e-book, they’ll go to a touchdown page. That page must communicate that you are a business and your one-of-a-kind advantages (after all, this could be the only opportunity you have to wow leads).

As well, most importantly, make sure the landing page has a kind for potential customers to enter their details– you want to record their e-mail address so you can remain to interact with them.

2. Get Offer Something of Value Customers for Sales Funnel Strategy

Right here’s the part where you need to offer something to your prospects in exchange for their email address. Like an electronic book or whitepaper, a lead generates magnet is a reliable way to provide something of value on your entry page or landing page.

3. Start Nurturing

Now, your potential customers will relocate from the Awareness stage right into the Interest stage as well. Because you have all their e-mail addresses from the access factor or touchdown web page, you can create an e-mail nurture series to share academic web content concerning your offering.

4. Get Free Demo for Create Marketing Funnel

As prospects move right into the Decision phase, you intend to offer anything that can nudge them right into the instructions of a buying choice. This phase or stage sales funnel process steps might consist of a product demo, extended cost-free test, or special discount rate.

5. Keep It Going

In the Action stage, you’ll either land brand-new customers or listen to why potential customers aren’t interested in purchasing, for prospects who did not make an acquisition, construct a new nurture collection to inspect with them every couple of months.

Most Common FAQ on Sales or Marketing Funnel

How To Fix The Sales Funnel to Avoid Losing Leads

While your sales channel can be a resource of fantastic success in your sales team, it can likewise become an irritation if you discover that: 

  • The price of leads you’ve won is reduced compared to the complete variety of leads.
  • The sales process is taking considerably longer than anticipated or essential.
  • Lots of leads become uninterested or less competent.

A leaky sales funnel disappointing, yet the good news is that there are straightforward ways to take care of it.

Lead your sales to funnel to close again-: Currently, it’s time to believe regarding prospective defects in your system that make it hard for a possibility to do business with you. Please make sure that you break down obstacles and make it simple for potential customers to engage with you at every sales funnel process steps.

Reevaluate your initial lead reaction time-: According to sales funnel process steps, 40-50% of sales or marketers go to the vendor that reacts. Speed wins deals! The moment it considers your company to reply to leads once they hit their inbox might be the initial source of a leakage, so make sure to evaluate this and make time to focus on reacting to leads.

Identify unqualified resources-: When your prospect needs it, one of the overarching advantages of having a sales funnel is providing the perfect message right. If your channel appears leaky, it’s time to find out about the leads that aren’t working for you. 

See to it, they fit your optimal purchaser character, and if so, why did they disappoint passion in your firm? There could be reasons such as rates, market immaturity, or a too-long item application routine– ensure to study everything that might be the factor.

What Is B2B Sales Funnel

A sales funnel process steps for B2B represents just how your leads are being captured and moved with the different stages of interaction until they buy or leave the channel.

The sales pipeline concentrates on the activities taken by your salespeople throughout the sales procedure and also the possibility for income at any given point in time. 

Consider it in this manner, the channel is concerned with the customer’s point of view, and the pipe focuses on the seller’s demand to satisfy sales and profits objectives.

Importance Of Sales Funnel In Digital Marketing

A digital advertising or marketing sales channel or funnel is a mix of advertising and marketing tactics made use of to produce traffic to your business and support them appropriately to become dedicated consumers that support for your company.” Funnels are very vital for turning your web website traffic right into customers on automation.

Do Sales or Marketing Funnels Really Work?

These days, savvy marketing experts have used on-line sales funnels process steps to grow their organizations or business and also generate leads and sales while they rest. They’re actually the ideal device in a marketer’s tool belt.


In this article, I have tried to clear almost all the doubts you have about the sales funnel process steps. In it, I detailed all the phases of the sales funnel so that all your doubts are cleared.

In it, I have also mentioned some common FAQs that will dispel your doubts and motivate you to make sales an effective sales funnel.


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