How To Write a Blog And Make Money Blogging For Beginners

How to write a blog and make money? how to start a blog and make money? how to start blogging and make money? I will give you an answer to all these questions in this article. Can you make millions of dollars from blogging or can you leave your job and do full time blogging, then the answer to all this is yes. You can make thousands of dollars with blogging, I will prove proof in this article.

How to write a blog and make money? The answer to this question is as simple as that hard. Before you start writing a blog, you should think why do you want to do blogging? Do you want to blog just to earn money or is there some other reason? I believe that if you want to start blogging just to earn money, then this sector is not made for you because blogging should not be the only purpose to earn money.

The main purpose of blogging should be that visitors get good and true information from your blog. If you are blogging just to make money, then you will not write true words in your blog and your focus will be on making money only. If visitors to your blog do not get good and true information, then they will not come to your blog again. But there is absolutely no way that you cannot make money with blogging.

With proper blogging, you can earn more than 3000$ in just one month and I will also give you a solid proof so that you can make more than 3000$ within a month. Just you have to follow the things written in this blog, after that you can easily earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home in a month. In this article, I will give you some examples that will give you complete confidence.

Should you leave a job with a good salary for blogging, then the answer to this question is yes. But there is some risk in this, so I suggest you do not leave your job for blogging immediately, you should do part-time blogging first, and when you feel that you can leave your job now, of course, leave the job. It is absolutely true that with blogging you can earn more money than your old job.

I will give you unmatched tips for writing blogging so that you can make a lot of money.

Make a Great Idea For Make Money Blogging For Beginners
Make a Great Idea For Make Money Blogging For

How to write a blog and make money to answer the question you will need a good idea. But this is not necessarily so, you just have to take some care in choosing the topics of your blog. If you want, then choose the same topic in which you are the best. I also advise you that you should start blogging with the same topic that you can do with complete honesty. With which you will be able to do justice to your work.

Blogging from the same topic, so that you can entertain or give good information to your friends, family, and people around you. You should try to attract people around you with blogging, they should never be bored with your blogging. You do not need to ask anyone else to choose your blogging niche, you should search this question with yourself in which niche you are interested.

By working on your interest Niche, you will get the benefit that you will write an article in it in a much better way. You should try to make your blog interesting by mixing some sensational news in it so that the reader likes it at once and also shares it with other people. Always worked to attract the article. Keep updating your old blogs also so that visitors’ interest is always maintained.

By the way, in choosing niches, always take care that there should not be too much competition because if this happens, then you will have a lot of effort to rank it by writing a blog. You can use Google Keyword Planner to find low-contrast niches that are available for free. By doing this you can make good money from your blogs. You must do this to write a good blog and make money.

2) Get Web Hosting For WordPress Blogging

Get Web Hosting For WordPress Blogging
Get Web Hosting For WordPress

In the second phase of writing a blog and earning money, you will need web hosting which will take your blog online. The role of web hosting is very much in your blog, this is why people can see and read your article online. Web hosting gives your web pages a place that people can sit and read your articles anywhere. By choosing good web hosting, you can increase your online earnings much more.

I will not advise you on the name of any web hosting providing company, you can choose whichever company you want, but when it comes to how to write a blog and make money, I advise you to choose a web hosting from a cheap and good company. Must be dug To understand web hosting, you should look at your home. Web hosting is also like your home, which can be accessed to your website through a URL.

A good and cheap web hosting will be easily available at the cost of Rs.70 per month. In choosing web hosting, I advise you to go with the company that gives you the best customer support and provides you with the best service. Never choose the web hosting in a hurry because by doing this you will play with the earning and service of your blog website. Web hosting is very important to write a blog and make money from it.

WordPress has the highest popularity among the best blog writing platforms. More than 70% of bloggers use it to write their blogs. You should also choose a web hosting company that supports WordPress easily. There are many web hosting providing companies that support WordPress very well. To write a blog started, use WordPress hosting, and make money.

3) Choose Theme Of Really Make Money Blogging

Choose Theme Of Really Make Money Blogging
Choose Theme Of Really Make Money Blogging on

In the third stage of how to write a blog and make money, preference is given to choosing a theme. A good theme is very much needed to start your blogging website because the theme itself identifies your website. Always choose a suitable theme and light for your blogs. Also be careful in choosing a theme to earn money from blogging so that when you send AdSense approval to your website, there is no problem.

To choose the theme of the website, you can see many platforms such as – Wix, WordPress, etc. But I believe that you should choose WordPress because in WordPress you will get many free features that will not be found on any other platforms. I also use WordPress to write my blog. By using a WordPress theme you can make your website more attractive and money-making.

Why Choose WordPress-

♦ It can be used for free.

♦ The domain is available free in this. Example-

♦ It has a lot of themes available to you for free.

♦ Its theme is fully customizable.

♦ It is very easy to use.

♦ There are many plugins available for free.

You can use the WordPress theme for free which helps in starting your blogging. There are many plugins in WordPress that are available for free, for which other platforms charge you money. Themes of WordPress are fully customizable which you can easily customize to suit your needs. There are many themes of WordPress which are designed only for blogging, you can use them to write your blogs.

If you are thinking of writing a blog as your career, you should go with WordPress which is perfectly suitable for your blogging. I myself have been blogging for the past several years, so I would advise you to use WordPress to write your blogs and as far as possible you can buy them instead of free themes. How to write a blog and make money WordPress is the best tool for you.

How To Install WordPress

To install WordPress, you have to go to Cpanel of your website, you can install WordPress there, after that you can choose to have a theme by logging into the admin panel of WordPress. After this, you can install some plugins in it which is very important for your website.

4) Start Writing Great Blogs For Become a Blogger

Start Writing Great Blogs For Become a Blogger
Start Writing Great Blogs For Become a

The fourth stage of writing a blog and making money from it is the turn to write brilliant blogs or articles. Before writing blogs, you should ask yourself how you need content to write your blog that will rank your blog on the first page of Google. First of all, you will need a keyword that will rank your content easily and increase your earnings rapidly and your website traffic also increases rapidly.

There are a lot of tools available for searching keywords for how to write a blog and make money, which gives you the idea of many keywords for free. I am giving you information about some tools which will give you a great keyword out of millions of keywords for free, which will increase your website traffic and increase your blogging earnings.

Google Keyword Planner

Neil Patel Keywords

Words stream

Importance Of Keywords For Writing Blogs

Keywords are an important part of writing a blog and making money from it because keywords are how Google knows which topic this article was written for and on which keywords to present it to the visitors. If we search for anything, then it is also a keyword and Google only reads a text, that’s why the keyword is so important for our blogs. Keywords are very important for ranking articles.

How to Write SEO-Friendly Blogs

We should not just write blogs, it should be written so that people have understood what is written in the article. To write SEO-friendly blogs, you can read my previous blogs, here I wrote the sari how to write your blogs which rank very easily on the first page of Google. We should not use very difficult words in our blogs that are difficult for visitors to read.


5) Increase Website Traffic For Make Money Blogging


Increase Website Traffic For Make Money Blogging
Increase Website Traffic For Make Money Blogging

In the fifth phase of how to write a blog and make money, we will talk about how to increase the traffic of your website. Website traffic affects the earnings from our blogs, so we should not take this thing lightly and constantly work hard to increase website traffic. Therefore, we should give the best content on our website to the visitors so that they keep coming to our website continuously.

How to increase website traffic, you can read my old article which will help you to increase website traffic organically. To increase the traffic of the website, we should always pay attention to our content and present it to the visitors in a good way. The content should make always attractive. We should also pay attention to our web hosting as web hosting makes a difference in website speed.

Importance Of Website traffic For Earning Money

Website traffic affects your blogging earnings. If there is no organic traffic on your website, then you will not earn money from the website, so always write your post in such a way that visitors to your blogs are constantly coming. You can also increase your web traffic by using images of good quality. The more traffic on your website, the more your earnings will increase.

Terms Of Increase Your Website Traffic

How to write a blog and make money Talk about the terms of increasing website traffic, then you have to work on many things. Here, I will tell you about some of the terms that will automatically bring visitors to your website and your earnings will start increasing.

♦ Continuous blogging.

♦ Writing blogs with lists.

♦ Keep sharing links on social media.

♦ Keep replying to the comment.


If you follow the above things for 100% on how to write a blog and make money, then you will surely get success. Writing blogs and making money are two different things but a blogger dreams of both. Bloggers want that they get an approval of AdSense quickly, but you do not do this at all, you will first serve good content, you will see that the visitors will start coming continuously and you will also start earning money.


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    I’m thinking of mixing it up but some part of me says that this won’t be good, mixing personal life blog writing with information providing blogs.
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