How to Write SEO-Friendly Content Structure (Beginner to Advanced)

SEO Friendly Content Structure:- How hard people try to put their content or articles in Google search engine, but sometimes their hard work gets wasted because you let a small mistake happen to you. Google is a smart search engine in which everyone wants to rank.

In this blog / article, we will tell you how you can show your content in front of Google in the right way, so that you will soon be ranked on the top positions on Google.

To rank your post in Google search, keep in mind the things given below, then see how you rank.

To rank in Google, Google wants only one thing from you, that is a good quality content or say a good quality blog post. Whenever you want organic traffic to your website, you have to write your blog or article to be SEO (search engine optimization) friendly, you will just keep working hard and you will not get results.

Writing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) based blogs is not a magic, it is a science or you say that it is a type of art that only IT engineers can do. But don’t worry, after reading this article completely you can write SEO Friendly content structure like an engineer, keep the points given below and then see how amazing you rank on Google.

SEO friendly content structure

Individuals who have no clue how to suck up a blog topic, ask me to write something about their past, interests, education, instruction and abilities to create an extraordinary blog and SEO friendly content structure.

It is easy to write a blog on the thing that you are interested in, because if you just suck the blog topic without thinking of making money, then you definitely will not be able to achieve success, so I would suggest that you Start writing a blog or article on topics.

I believe that if you do not have traffic then you can not make money, so you first think about increasing traffic, if you do not have traffic problems then you can earn money easily, so always Look for topics so that you can easily get traffic and earn your money.

Those who are upset to find the topic and are stuck in the same struggle, I want to tell them that you should not be so worried about the topic because the blog does not need a topic but a good content, so such topics suck Do that which can bring you maximum traffic.

In some cases, any exploration, self-reflection, internal or external investigation will not give you a good idea, but a market can give you an incredible and best result and result, so that you can get success as soon as possible. You need to set up a blog and just start your creation and then see what happens. Sometimes you can usually cause change and provide a new information to people.

You do not need to write on 5 to 10 blog topics to get success, but you can also achieve success by just writing a ONE blog like you write 10 blogs and if you do not make any profit from it, because you are in that blog. Let’s write only, do not use your skills and intelligence in it, so you write only ONE blog, but give 100% of it, then see how you achieve success.

2) Keyword Research For SEO Based Content Structure

SEO based content structure

Keyword research is a most important things for SEO Friendly content structure kind of search process that we use to find and use any information. Generally, we can understand keyword research in simple language as if we want to get information about someone, then we search his name or similar name in the web and also get that information, Says keyword research. Keyword research is very important in search engine optimization (SEO), without this you will not be able to rank in Google.

With keyword research, you can get a good idea or a trustworthy and valuable analysis of the question or related questions that your targeting group is looking for on the web. With the result of all these, you can increase your marketing skills and help in its strategy. Always keep in mind that keyword research is an important part in SEO.

With a great keyword research, you will be able to rank even where you have to spend money to rank, so take great care in doing keyword research. Keyword research is a time consuming process. In keyword research, we should always keep a balance about what is expected of our group’s people and what they want, if we keep all these things in our keyword research then we will surely get success.

40% of your site Visitors will utilize your on location search capacity to discover answers. What’s more, prepare to be blown away. Guests who utilize that capacity are 4x bound to change over. Do you know what that implies for us advertisers? It implies that the individuals who are looking are near purchasing! At the point when they type those words into a pursuit bar, it implies they’re doing watchword research for you, as well.

We tell you about some keyword research tools here so that you can easily do keyword research.

 i) Google Keyword Planner

The world’s best, economical and free tool to do keyword research is the only tool that we know as Google Keyword Planner. In this, you can easily find any keyword and see its monthly searches, competition and CPC, for free, this tool is available for free.

The best thing about this tool is that it is very easy to use and whatever data appears in it comes from direct google, then you can blindly believe it and we can use it in our blogging can.

 Google Keyword Planner

ii) Google Trends 

Usually, everyone will know about this tool and you must have used this tool, sometimes called Google Trends. In this, you can find the information of the keywords trending around the world in one click and the special feature of this tool is that you can see the trend of your time and use it in your blog. You can use this tool in your language and it is also available for free. 

 Google Trends


iii)Moz Keyword Explorer

The Web Optimization Wizards on MOZ creates a more comprehensive keyword research tool for you that does everything automatically, but still gives you more important and accurate information. Rand Fishkin has created and guaranteed his new Keyword Explorer tool, which he named KWE. You do not need to do anything in this, this tool automates everything, it does everything by itself by applying keyword research, metrics and filters.

 Moz Keyword Explorer


iv) SEMrush

In any case, as it is known, it can prove useful for keyword research and its macro data at any time. You just need to do keyword research thoroughly. Then see, it will answer all your questions in an automatic way. SEMrush can help you differentiate these productive clock in serious situations. You will provide some cover information similar to search volume or rivalry in one place.



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3) Ideal Length Of SEO Friendly Content Structure

SEO Based content

After choosing topic and keyword research for SEO Friendly Content Structure, now it is time to turn the length of the content to mean the amount of words in the content. Many people will not know about the content length, if you want to rank in Google, then you have to write content in an ideal length only then you will be able to rank. Although the content or article of ideal length in SEO does not have a very big role or need, but still we need to take care of it.

The article on your site ought to be sorted out in a consistent manner. This isn’t just useful for SEO, it additionally helps visitors on your site find other related substance without any problem. (The more they remain on your site, the better.)

For SEO, the ideal blog entry length ought to be 2,000-2,300 words, as indicated by Google information. We arrived at the midpoint of the length of our 100 most-read blog entries in 2019, which yielded a normal word tally of 2,330. Singular blog entry lengths extended from 333 to 5,500 words, with a middle length of 2,100 words.

Google has not set any criteria for content length for SEO friendly content structure, because Google never tells you that we will only accept the content of so many words, it only says that whatever you write. Write clearly what your visitors understand and they stay on your website for a long time.

But still we must think about the length of our content because the longer the content is, the longer the visitors stay on it, which will increase the traffic on the website and you will be ranked soon. Always include more than 1000 or 1500 words in your content or article which will keep your visitors connected with your website and will start to rank your content.

Google recommends that you continuously increase the length of your content as well as the quality so that you can show a great article or blog post to your visitors, after which your visitors do not have to go anywhere else.

4) Post Title & Meta Title For SEO Content Structure

Meta Title and Post Title

First we will learn about the post title tag and meta title tag and understand the difference between them.


Post title tag-  

The post title would be the tag that we write in the head section [H1] of the title of our post and this would also be the title of our post to identify our post. This title is also shown in Google search results, which your visitors can also see.


<title>Example Title</title>


Care should be taken in writing the post title tag. As far as possible we must use our keyword post title tag which makes it easy to rank and our visitors easily reach our posts and they do not face any problem. Had to do.

Post title tag should always be written in 50-60 characters and should start with your keyword, meaning that you should always start the post title with your keyword. You can also add your company or brand name to it for good SEO Friendly Content Structure.

Meta title tag –

Meta title is the tag by which our posts are ranked in Google. In the meta title, we write the same keyword on which we have written our post or article. Whenever someone searches Google related word of our keyword, then our post is shown by Google, which would also be related to CTR. CTR means how much money is spent on your keyword.

It is more beneficial to use only your keywords in the meta title tag. By using the keyword, Google soon realizes that your post or article was written on this keyword and it would immediately add it to its console and visitors would start coming to your post.

5) Add Meta Description For SEO Content Strategy

Meta Description for seo content

Post or article meta description is important for SEO Friendly Content Structure to rank you in Google. In the meta description, you give a little details about your post so that your visitors can know what are the details of this post. Post meta description should not exceed 160 words.

In the post meta description, you must enter your main keyword or the keyword on which you have written the post or article, or if possible, you can also start with the keyword, and the length of the meta description must be taken care of in a short format. It should be in and you must write something related to your post, this is a type of identity card that will give an identity to your post.

If you have not given meta description in your previous post or article, then do not add it soon, then your post will not rank. Google definitely reads the meta description of all posts which plays a very important role in your SEO.

6) Images Settings For SEO Friendly Content Structure

ALT images settings

Images have a huge contribution in SEO friendly content structure, it helps a lot to bring organic visitors to your post. It plays a very important role in ranking your posts.

It is good if you never use copyrighted images in your post or else your post will get a copyright claim and your post will never rank. Google also recommends the same thing and constantly says that you should never use copyrighted images in your post.

Instead of using copyrighted images, you can use self-made images or no copyrighted images. There are many websites from where you can download no copyright images and use them so that your post will never get a copyright notice.

Image Alt Attribute- 

Image Alt attribute is an important ally in your SEO. You must add your image name and caption to the images alt which will help to rank your image soon and your post will also start to rank.


<img src=”img80.jpg” alt=”Girl in a suit” width=”500″ height=”600″>


Image Alt attribute should tell about your image and you must use your main keyword in it so that you can get traffic from your image as well. Setting images is very easy and many bloggers do not pay attention to it but it is very important for write SEO Friendly Content Structure and you to rank in Google, so don’t ignore it at all or else it will have a bad effect on your post.

7) Interlink and Anchor Text Important For Good SEO Content Structure

Interlinking and anchor text

Whenever you write a new post or article and want to bring it in SEO friendly content structure, then you must pay attention to Interlink and Anchor text, otherwise your visitor will go back from your website very soon.

Interlink makes your website more SEO friendly, using it can keep your own visitors tied to the website, so that your visitors will not be called and will stay on your post for maximum time.
You can add the link of your old post to your new post with the help of Interlink and Anchor text which will reduce the bounce rate of your website and the visitors will remain on your website which will help you in ranking.

8) H1, H2, H3 Headings For SEO Content Structure

H1, H2, H3 headings

The H1, H2, H3 headings are an ever greater contribution to the SEO friendly content structure, making your website even more attractive and SEO Makes Friendly. Use the H1, H2, H3 headings properly in your blog post and Google also recommends that you keep all these things in your post very well.

Always write the first and main titles in your blog or article in H1 and then write the sub titles in H2, H3 in the same order, which will be helpful in your ranking.

And always try to make sure that your main keyword comes in your H1 headings and in the same way, you must add similar keywords in H2, H3, H4 headings, so that your post will start ranking Google soon.


 I’m RealPost I have given tips for SEO friendly content structure in this post, if you follow them completely, then you will definitely get success and your post or article will definitely rank in Google. Nevertheless, if you want to know anything else, then you must tell in the comment box, we will help you completely and will keep bringing such tips for you.

For any type of problem, please interact with  contact us page.

My heartfelt thanks to you all!

We tell you about some keyword research tools here so that you can easily do keyword research.

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