13 Best Free AI Tools To Make More Money With Digital Marketing

The realm of free AI tools for digital marketing is becoming more competitive and complex with each passing day.

Keeping up with the changing landscape is undeniably challenging, primarily due to the advent of Artificial Intelligence.

Fortunately, there are numerous AI tools available that can help create a more proactive and personalized approach, making your brand stand out in the digital crowd.

These free trending AI tools not only streamline and optimize your marketing efforts, but also allow for better data-driven decisions, effectively fostering growth and profitability.

Tools like Google Cloud AutoML, Chatfuel, SEMRush Writing Assistant, and Hootsuite Insights exemplify how AI is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and engage with their audience.

Let’s take a closer look at what these platforms entail and how they can change the face of your digital marketing endeavors.

With the rapid advancements in technology, it’s crucial for free AI tools for digital marketers to embrace automated tools to stay competitive.

Google Cloud AutoML is a promising platform that reshapes the way marketing departments operate.

Leveraging machine learning (ML) capabilities, it helps users with limited coding knowledge to develop high-quality models tailored to business needs.

Here’s how Google Cloud AutoML can streamline your digital marketing strategy:

Boosts Lead Generation- Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing

With traditional methods, the process of filtering valuable leads from tons of data is time-consuming and error-prone.

Google Cloud AutoML automates this task using machine learning technology, allowing marketers to effortlessly detect potential lead resources.

This smart automation of lead generation can dramatically upskill your digital marketing efforts.

Enhances Customer Segmentation- Best Free AI Tools for Digital Marketing

Google Cloud AutoML aids in building accurate customer persona models.

It assesses customer preferences and behavior patterns from multitudes of data points, well beyond human ability.

The result is a precise and effective customer segmentation strategy that targets consumers with personalized marketing content.

Optimizes Ad Spend- Free AI Tools For Students

Intelligent budget allocation to the most profitable marketing channels is a critical aspect of advertising.

AutoML analyzes the historical performance data of your advertisement campaigns, predicts future trends, and suggests budget placements.

It helps in eliminating ineffective spending and thus, maximizes return on investment (ROI).

Advances Content Marketing Strategy- Free AI Tools for Content Creation

Content is king, but only when it appeals to the right audience.

AutoML helps in tailoring content strategy by analyzing consumer feedback, preferences, and consumption patterns.

It assists in improving your content, ensuring it aligns with customer’s expectations, resulting in amplified engagement rates.

Automates Marketing Analytics- Free AI Tools for Business

Manual analysis of your marketing campaign’s performance can be tiring and prone to inaccuracies.

Google Cloud AutoML automates the analytics process, supplying real-time, critical insights based on collected data.

By doing so, it keeps you well-informed about what’s working and what needs tweaking.

2- Chatfuel: A New Power Player in Customer Engagement

Seamlessly enhancing customer engagement, Chatfuel represents the next stepping stone in the digital landscape.

This artificial intelligence tool designed to automate Facebook Messenger chats wields impressive power in the sphere of customer communication.

Let’s delve into some of the ways this innovative tool can elevate the game in customer engagement.

Ditching Traditional Ways- AI Marketing Tools You Can Use Today

For free AI tools, how often have you grown tired of monotonous, time-consuming methods of communicating with your customers?

Often overlooked, customer interaction and engagement are key components in brand loyalty and promotion.

Chatfuel allows businesses to replace traditional methods with an automated, direct communication line with customers.

This not only minimizes the chance of human error but also ensures that customers’ queries are resolved with agility and accuracy.

Interactive User Experience- Free AI Marketing Tools

In the realm of customer engagement, Chatfuel takes the crown for improving user experience.

Chatfuel’s interactive use of “blocks” and “AI Rules” simplifies the process of structuring responses to user statements, thereby making conversations highly personalized and engaging.

Offering real-time interactions around the clock, users can access information at their convenience, boosting user satisfaction levels and customer engagement significantly.

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Customer Feedback Loop- Best Free AI Tools for Digital Marketing

Chatfuel isn’t just about automating responses. It serves as a bridge linking customers and the heart of your brand.

Analyzing chat history, customer preferences, and feedback, Chatfuel provides invaluable insights into your customer’s mindsets.

This invaluable customer feedback loop enables you to adjust and refine your brand’s image, product offerings, and overall business strategy.

Streamlining Business Processes- AI tools for marketers (free to use)

Adopting and implementing Chatfuel can lead to significant upsides when it comes to streamlining business operations.

Effectively handling customer engagements, whether they are inquiries or complaints, Chatfuel makes certain that the relevant department or person is informed, thereby streamlining the resolution process and improving customer satisfaction rates.

Accelerating Sales and Lead Generation

Lastly, Chatfuel can be a potent player in your sales and lead generation strategy.

It allows businesses to nudge users automatically towards achieving the desired action, creating a flow personalized to user behavior.

This not only increases the chances of conversion but decreases the odds of potential leads falling through the cracks.

In the end, it’s all about staying ahead. In today’s fast-paced, digital age, embracing and leveraging tools like Chatfuel can be a game-changer.

By improving customer engagement, streamlining communication processes, and offering valuable customer insights – all while keeping operations light and agile – Chatfuel sets a new standard in brand-customer conversations.

The way we see it, the future of customer engagement is here, and it answers to the name Chatfuel.

3- SEMRush Writing Assistant

Exploring the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-friendly content creation surely opens up a treasure of possibilities.

For free AI tools, with the integration of state-of-the-art technology, creating SEO-friendly content can seem like a breeze.

Here’s how the amalgamation of technology and SEO content creation can make your digital marketing journey seamless, effective, and, of course, interesting.

4- Yoast SEO- Free AI Marketing Tools That You Need To Try

Let’s begin with Yoast SEO, a user-friendly, practical yet powerful tool for website optimization.

Its readability analysis makes sure your content is just not SEO-friendly, but also reader-friendly.

It suggests improvements from sentence length to passive voice usage, ensuring all your bases are covered when it comes to creating content that could genuinely engage with an audience while triggering search engine algorithms.

5- Surfer SEO- Free AI Tools For Social Media and Digital Marketing

Taking a step forward in technology, Surfer SEO serves as the brain behind your content.

By using real-time data-driven guidelines for efficient keyword usage, it ensures your content is optimized, competitive, and valuable for your targeted audience.

It’s like having your private SEO consultant, always ready with rich data insights.

6- SEMrush

Then there’s SEMrush whilst not exclusively a content creation tool, it is an important ally in your SEO strategy.

For free AI tools, sophisticated keyword research, tracking backlink opportunities, and auditing your website for potential issues are just a taste of what comes with it.

When you’re able to identify gaps in your website, you can fill them with SEO-friendly content, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

7- Frase

A more focused tool, Frase, is a content optimizer that blends emerging AI technology with SEO.

It not only helps you in creating SEO-friendly content but also understands what your competitors are doing right.

Stand head to head with your competition by knowing exactly where they are excelling, helping you to implement the same measures with your spin on it.

8- Clearscope

In this data-driven realm, Clearscope brings definitive research to your doorstep and helps you to drum up SEO-friendly content directly aimed at your audience.

Its real-time optimization suggestions guide you on keyword usage and content complexity which can streamline your writing process and deliver results.

9- Textmetrics- Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing

Lastly, Textmetrics is a practical tool that merges technology with your creativity to create perfectly balanced SEO-friendly content.

Its algorithms aid you in optimizing your existing and future content as per Google’s guidelines.

Textmetrics helps to make your content more findable, understandable, and attractive to both your audience and search engines.

For free AI tools, SEO-friendly content creation strategies fortified with these automated tools will give you the edge you need in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Beyond saving time and fine-tuning your process, these technologies can help you to propel your business to unimaginable heights.

Sometimes, the best solution lies not in reinventing the wheel, but in harnessing the power of machines to turn it faster and more efficiently.

10- Hootsuite Insights

Tracking and analyzing data from social media platforms is becoming increasingly crucial to a business’s digital marketing success.

Given the plethora of data available and the speed at which it’s generated, it is increasingly becoming a herculean task to scoop up only the relevant data.

Here’s a look at some strategies and tools tech aficionados swear by.

Utilization of social media management tools allows business to collect and correlate social media data with ease.

These tools, such as Hootsuite, SproutSocial and Buffer, can help businesses sift through the vast ocean of irrelevant noise and focus more on the important signals that can inform their marketing strategy.

They can aid in tracking branded hashtag usage, manage and analyze engagement across multiple platforms, and schedule content release for optimized visibility.

Social Listening

Understanding social listening is crucial when it comes to capturing the right data.

Companies such as Brandwatch and Talkwalker can help businesses to track real-time mentions, feedbacks, and public opinions about their products or services across platforms.

The information gained can influence decision-making processes and guide development of more targeted, efficient marketing strategies.

AI-Based Social Media Tools

Investing in AI-based social media tools such as Cortex and Pattern89 can make a vast difference. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, they analyze historical social media data to offer predictions and insights for optimizing social media strategies.

From determining the best time to post, to predicting the type of content that is likely to resonate with your audience, these tools give you a valuable edge.

Investing in sentiment analysis tools is a high-return game-changer.

Tools like Critical Mention, Meltwater, and Mention ensure businesses not only process vast volumes of social media sentiment data, but also make sense of such data.

This helps businesses to continuously fine-tune their marketing strategies, detect potential PR crisis early and monitor the success of marketing campaigns.

Social Media Analytics Solutions

Consider opting for social media analytics solutions such as Socialbakers or Quintly.

These platforms offer competitive benchmarking, performance prediction, crisis prediction, and audience analysis, amongst an array of other relevant metrics, to help businesses make data-driven decisions and optimize their social media strategies.

In a nutshell, capturing and utilizing social media data is no longer an option, but a necessity in the digitized world of business.

Picking the right data mining tools, properly utilizing them, keeping an eye on trends, and adapting your social media strategies accordingly are the secrets shared by the leading players who have harnessed the power of technology.


The magnitude and potential of free AI tools in digital marketing cannot be overstated.

These trending tools, such as Google Cloud AutoML, Chatfuel, SEMRush Writing Assistant, and Hootsuite Insights, can help in crafting an efficient, customer-centric approach that sets your brand apart.

By taking advantage of these free tools, you can automate time-consuming processes, gain deeper insights into your customers’ behaviors, and subsequently enhance your marketing strategies.

Embracing the power of AI will inherently empower marketers to stay ahead of the curve, attract more leads, and convert them successfully, thus signifying the importance of these advanced tools in any successful digital marketing strategy.

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