25 Unique Free Directory Submission Websites To Make Dofollow Backlinks

Even today, if you want to know the list of free directory submission websites to make dofollow backlink for the website, then you have come to the right place.

In the flourishing digital age, harnessing the influence of SEO practices has become essential for any website aspiring for visibility and recognition.

Key among these practices is leveraging directory submission websites, free online platforms that can significantly bolster your website’s Domain Authority (DA), foster backlinks, and augment site authority.

This essay unfolds a thorough investigation into the top 25 free directory submission websites, offering valuable insights into each site’s details, DA scores, and URLs.

Furthermore, it offers a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide on how to effectively submit your website to these directories, making the process seamless and efficient.

This endeavor ensures your website achieves the optimal SEO benefits it rightfully deserves.

Why Go For Directory Submissions?

As part of a robust SEO strategy, directory submission sites can play a crucial role.

They offer websites a way to gain maximum visibility by getting indexed in well-organized and specialized directories.

Not only does this increase online visibility, but it also helps in generating quality backlinks, which can significantly improve overall search engine ranking.

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DMOZ, or the Open Directory Project, is one of the oldest and most reputable directory submission sites around.

With a high DA score of 91, it commands considerable authority in the world of SEO.

The site is our go-to pick due to its high visibility and vast user base. Find it at www.dmoz.org.

Submission is simple: choose the category that best matches your website, then click on “suggest URL” and follow the instructions.

2. Yahoo Directory: Top Free Directory Submission Sites

Next on our list is Yahoo! Directory. Its high DA score of 89 and multitude of categories make it a formidable option.

The directory requires no fee to list your website. Access the directory at www.yahoo.com.

Submitting your website is as easy as contacting Yahoo’s support team.

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3. BOTW: Free High-Quality Directory Submission Sites List

Best of the Web (BOTW) is another leading directory submission site with a DA score of 80.

It’s user-friendly and offers a wide range of categories. Check out www.botw.org.

To submit your website, select your category, fill out the form, and wait for approval.

4. Scrub the Web: High DA Directory Submission Sites List

Scrub The Web provides a comprehensive solution for directory submissions, along with a solid DA score of 79.

It’s simple, straightforward, and user-friendly. Visit via www.scrubtheweb.com.

Submission requires a simple form fill-out on their ‘Submit URL’ page.

5. GigaBlast: Free Directory Submission Sites List in India

GigaBlast is a potent directory submission site featuring a substantial DA score of 73.

It’s particularly favored for its quick indexing of submitted websites. Explore at www.gigablast.com.

Gigablast allows easy submission by simply typing the URL and clicking the ‘Add Url’ button.

Rankings Matter

While the debate around the effectiveness of directory submissions lingers, what remains clear is the importance of these sites in overall SEO strategy.

Choosing the right directory based on its DA score can provide you with valuable backlinks, drive more traffic to your website, and help you establish a robust online presence.

As we dive deep into the digital age, online visibility is not just an option but an essential requirement for any business.

With these free directory submission websites, be prepared to boost your online visibility and SEO ranking.

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Top 25 Free Directory Submission Websites: Details, DA, and URLs

Pinnacle of Directory Submission For Top Directory Submission Sites

Google My Business is a must-have directory for every online business holder. It boasts impressive domain authority (DA) score of 100.

The URL is www.google.com/business and its procedures for submission are straightforward.

Start by ensuring that your business doesn’t already exist on Google My Business.

If it does, simply claim it. If not, proceed to “Add Your Business” and follow the given instructions.

Yelp: Latest Free Directory Submission Sites List

Yelp, one of the most well-known directory websites has a DA score of 94, and you can access it at www.yelp.com.

Its popularity is immense among local businesses and restaurant owners.

Registration and submission are quite simple – create an account, find your business, and claim it.

DMOZ: High PR Free List of Directory Submission Sites in India

The Internet’s largest directory, DMOZ, can catapult your visibility unlike any other.

It has a hefty DA rank of 92 and you can browse it at www.dmoz.org.

As for submissions, pick your relevant category, click “Suggest URL,” and fill out your website details.

Yellowpages: Latest Directory Submission Sites in USA

Yellowpages, an expansive site, is a go-to for local businesses.

The site’s DA rank is 91. It resides at www.yellowpages.com.

To submit, go to the page titled “Get Your Free Listing!” Then adhere to the directives provided.

Facebook: Free Directory Submission Sites​

For free directory submission websites, another platform is Facebook, bearing an unmatched DA score of 96.

The URL is www.facebook.com. Creating a Facebook business page is comparable to submitting your website.

After setting up your page, include all necessary information about your business.

LinkedIn Company Directory​: Top Free Directory Submission Sites For High DA India

LinkedIn Company Directory has a fine DA score of 98. You can find it at www.linkedin.com.

To submit your website, you need to create a company page. Fill in the details about your company and you are good to go.

Bing Places: Top Directory Submission Websites

Bing Places another contender holds DA of 94. The URL is www.bingplaces.com.

The submission process is similar to Google My Business. First, verify whether your business already exists, then either claim it or proceed to add it.

Better Business Bureau: Free Directory Submission Sites List (Dofollow)

Better Business Bureau, commonly known as BBB, has a decent DA score of 92.

Visit www.bbb.org, then select the “For Businesses” tab, click on “Apply for BBB Accreditation,” and fill in all the necessary details.

Hotfrog: Directory Submission Sites List for Dofollow Backlinks

Hotfrog with a DA of 76 is an efficient, user-friendly website at www.hotfrog.com.

Submitting your website involves clicking “Add Your Business” button and entering in your business details.

Thomson Local: Best Web Directory Submission Sites

For free directory submission websites, thomson Local, exclusive to UK businesses, has a DA of 77. The URL is www.thomsonlocal.com.

Submission requires clicking on “Advertise with Us” and filling out the form details.

Nextdoor: Top Directory Submission Sites List

Nextdoor, a unique platform targeted at neighborhoods, has a DA of 87. Visit it at www.nextdoor.com, hit “Create Your Free Business Page,” and follow the instructions.

Spoke: Free High DA PA Directory Submission sites list

Spoke is a multi-faceted directory with a DA of 67. It resides at www.spoke.com.

Upon creating an account, visit your dashboard and go to “Companies & Executives,” then click on “Add a Company,” and fill in the details.

CitySquares: Free High Authority Directories Submission

CitySquares, suitable for local businesses, has a DA of 50. You can explore it at www.citysquares.com.

The submission procedure involves clicking “Add my business” on the homepage.


Brownbook, with a DA of 59, is a global business directory at www.brownbook.net.

Submit your website by selecting “Add a Business” and provide the necessary information.


ChamberofCommerce.com is a platform bearing a DA of 66. It can be found at www.chamberofcommerce.com.

To submit, hit the “Add Business” button on the homepage and complete the form Improving Visibility on a Global Scale

Tupalo: High DA PA Directory Submission Sites List

For free directory submission websites, tupalo, a global directory, has a DA of 56. Visit www.tupalo.com for submission, and click “Add a Spot,” providing the requisite details.


Infobel is a global directory with a DA of 57. You can navigate it at www.infobel.com.

Select “Add your company” on the homepage, and fill out the online form.


Superpages, a great directory for local businesses, has a DA of 71. The URL is www.superpages.com. Submit your business details by clicking on “Free Advertising.”

The Business Journals: Free Directory Submission Sites to Drive Crazy Traffic

The Business Journals, residing at www.bizjournals.com, is suitable for businesses in the US. It has a DA of 92.

Submission involves creating an account, adding your company in the right category, and providing all the necessary details.


Yalwa, another worldwide directory, has a DA of 45 at www.yalwa.com.

Submitting your website involves choosing “Post a free ad” option on the homepage and then entering the necessary details.


A hefty player in the industry, Foursquare has a DA of 92. The site is www.foursquare.com.

To enter your business, click on “Claim a Business” to fill out the necessary details.

Sales Spider: Directory Submission Sites List {Updated}

Sales Spider, catering to SMEs, has a DA of 51. You can find it at www.salesspider.com. Click on “Add a Business” and then input your business information.

Cylex USA

Cylex USA targets US-based businesses with a DA of 50 at www.cylex.us.com. Submit your website by clicking on “Register” at the top right corner of the homepage.


Finally, BOTW with its DA of 65 can be found at www.botw.org. Click on “Add a Site,” choose “Local” for businesses with a physical location, then add the required details.

Step-by-Step Guide on Submitting Your Website to Directories

Step One: Identifying Target Directories

For free directory submission websites, first and foremost, you need to identify which directories are worth your time.

Submitting your website to directories willy-nilly can hurt your website ranking.

Ensure the directories are high-quality with a Domain Authority (DA) of around 50 and above.

A few examples would be DMOZ, (DA 94) URL: www.dmoz-odp.org, and Entireweb, (DA 52) URL: www.entireweb.com. Remember, the higher the DA, the better the impression of your website.

Step Two: Creating an Email For Free Latest Directory Submission Sites List

Next, set up a new email specifically for directory submissions.

This will help organize your inquiries and responses effectively while keeping your business inbox clutter-free.

Save the login details for this email in a secure location for future reference.

Step Three: Registering an Account

Upon choosing a directory, you’ll usually find a ‘Submit Website’ or ‘Add Listing’ button. Click it. If the directory needs an account, sign up using your recently created email.

Step Four: Filling Out the Details

For free directory submission websites, after registration, fill out the website details.

This usually involves inputting your URL, website name, and a short description.

Always use your official business name for consistency’s sake.

Additionally, pen a precise, keyword-centric description about your business.

Remember, some directories restrict the description length, so make it concise but informative.

Step Five: Choosing a Category

Next, select a relevant category for your website. This step is crucial cause it determines how potential customers will find you.

Make sure to choose the most relatable category for your business for higher visibility.

Step Six: Pay Attention to Other Information

Some directories may ask for more information, such as physical location, social media links, or a longer business description.

Fill these out as accurately as possible. If pictures are an option, upload high-quality images that represent your brand.

Step Seven: Review and Submit

For free directory submission websites, LastLy, review your information to ensure everything is accurate, then go ahead and hit that submit button.

Most directories won’t list your site instantly. They may even send a verification link via email, so be sure to check your inbox.

Step Eight: Keeping Records

Keep track of all your submissions. This includes the directory name, website URL, the date you submitted, and any other relevant details.

This can help you track your submissions and avoid submitting your site to the same directory twice.

Remember, the key is not to rush the process. Take your time, identify high DA directories, and offer clear, concise details about your business. Happy submitting!


Ultimately, maximizing the advantages of the web and driving traffic to your site requires strategic maneuvers, one of which includes directory submissions.

By utilizing the top 25 free directory submission websites outlined in this essay, you can significantly boost your website’s SEO and overall visibility.

Furthermore, the detailed guide provided eliminates any technical hiccups, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free submission process.

Thus, armed with these tools and insights, you have an opportunity to enhance your digital footprint, open your site to a wider audience, and experience the promised potential of the interconnected digital world.

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FAQs about Top Free Directory Submission Sites

Free directory submission sites are online platforms where you can submit your website’s information, such as its URL, description, and category, to be listed in their directory. These directories categorize websites to help users find relevant information easily.

Free directory submission websites offer multiple benefits. They can help increase your website’s visibility, improve your SEO rankings, and generate traffic by providing valuable backlinks to your site. They also aid in building your online reputation and authority.

No, not all directory submission sites are equally effective. It’s important to choose reputable directories with good domain authority and relevant categories. Focus on quality over quantity to ensure better results for your website.

To submit your website, first, select a relevant directory. Then, navigate to the submission page and provide accurate details about your website, including its URL, title, description, and category. Follow the guidelines provided by the directory for a successful submission.

Yes, directory submissions can positively impact your website’s SEO. When you submit your site to reputable directories, you gain backlinks, which are important for search engines to recognize your site’s credibility. This can lead to higher search engine rankings.

While directory submissions can be beneficial, there are risks if not done correctly. Avoid submitting your site to low-quality, spammy directories, as this can negatively impact your SEO. Additionally, ensure your website details are consistent across all submissions.

Focus on quality over quantity. Aim for a moderate number of high-quality directory submissions that are relevant to your niche. Around 10-20 well-chosen directories can yield better results than hundreds of irrelevant ones.

Yes, it’s a good practice to periodically review and update your directory submissions. If your website undergoes changes, such as a new URL or description, make sure to update it in the directories as well. This helps maintain accurate information across the web.

Each directory may have its own submission guidelines. Common guidelines include providing accurate and concise descriptions, selecting relevant categories, and avoiding promotional language. Adhering to these guidelines increases your chances of approval.

While directory submissions are a valuable part of an SEO strategy, they shouldn’t be the sole focus. A comprehensive approach that includes quality content creation, on-page optimization, and other off-page SEO techniques will yield better and more sustainable results.

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