On-page SEO Task List Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read 17 Tips

In this article, I have brought you to the on-page SEO task list or checklist, with the help of which you will get 100% success in blogging. Your article will reach the top position in Google.

Every SEO expert might feel overwhelmed from time to time because of their continuous effort to see the outcome. For SEO amateurs, it is also harder. We will not chat about them today; we will address those striving to do white hat SEO.

To help posts and pages gain search presence, you require to utilize on-page SEO steps to draw in online search engines and help them comprehend, recognize, and rank your content. 
To help you through that procedure, we developed an on-page SEO task list or checklist. That way, you never miss out on an opportunity to optimize your website, web pages, or post.


We have compiled a checklist with the most important on-page SEO task list activities you must validate to keep your site clean and fairly. 

All of your hard work should not grab dust. You have to confirm your website frequently and assess whether all of your efforts were worthwhile.



On-page SEO is the procedure of optimizing singular content pages to make improved rankings in search and drive traffic. It features strategies that help alone page rank to get a key target keyword.

While on-page SEO is associated with enhancing a single page of material, it is likewise supported by other SEO. 

An On-page SEO task list alone might not suffice to get a page to rank. Suppose you desire to get a page of material to rank. In that case, you require an off-page and technical SEO technique to assist your website look more appealing to browse engines.


Points On-Page SEO Checklist 2021

Use this SEO checklist before you publish any brand-new posts or pages on your site. You can also use the on-page SEO list to return and examine your work on any formerly released content.

1- Keyword Research For On-Page SEO Factors 2021

On-page SEO task list begins with discovering the very best keyword for a specific page of material. The very best keyword is the expression or term that.

Pertains to the primary subject or style of the material. The keyword ought to be an accurate description of your fabric. 

Is frequently looked for by your target market. The search volume for the keyword is big enough to drive traffic to your website from your perfect target audience.

Is within your website’s competitive power. Your website has enough authority to rank above other websites currently ranking for that keyword.

With keyword research study, you can get an excellent concept or a trustworthy and essential analysis of the concern or associated concerns that your targeting group is searching for on the internet.

With the outcome of all these, you can increase your marketing abilities and assist in its technique. Constantly remember that keyword research study is a fundamental part of SEO.




2- Clean Duplicate Content On Your Website For On-Page SEO Techniques 2021

Considering that duplicate content is not the most orthodox SEO practice if it’s the case, you need to clean your website not to get punished by Google. 

A fast method to determine that is by accessing tools to examine your website. A few of the most pre-owned tools for inspecting replicate or duplicate content or material are Copyscape and Siteliner.

You require to utilize the rel=canonical tag just for one URL. You ought to use the rel=canonical title to provide a tip to Google to understand that the websites are the same.


3- Add Keyword In URLs That Includes The Primary Keyword For On Page SEO Steps

A well-structured SEO-friendly URL looks tidy and succinct, offers a much better user experience, is simpler to share, and is improved for online search engines. 

While it is not a significant ranking element, URL structure can assist a page reveal greater on online search engine results pages (SERPs). And affect the decision-making of searchers.

Create a URL for the on-page SEO task list for the page that contains the main keyword. Avoid adding any stop words, unique characters, or unnecessary words to Permalink.


4- Make Short URLs As Possible For On-Page Google Ranking

An SEO-friendly URL can even help you rank much better. To help improve the readability, you need to utilize a permalink without vibrant parameters.

But do not sacrifice descriptiveness for length. When people click through to the page, your URLs need to use insight into what the user needs to anticipate. 

The simplest method to do that is to set your target keyword as the URL.

For Example: https://realpost.in/free-seo-tools/




5- Add Keyword In Your Article Title Tag For Better Content Optimization

Compose a title that is attracting both online search engines and audiences. Serve online search engine by consisting of the primary keyword near the start of the heading, and serve audiences by composing a detailed yet concise title that informs readers why the material is essential.

In an On-page SEO task list or checklist, the title tag for each page should be distinct and attract you to click it. 

Suppose you have consisted of the keyword in all the components I’ve noted above. What will much better enhance your post, which might provide you a much better ranking position in SERPs?

On top of all, utilizing a keyword in the URL may make a website appear more pertinent.


6- Write Meta Description In 156 Characters For Better SEO Job Checklist

For each meta-information or description, you should have the response to what the user is believing: “what’s in it for me?”. Before you make any choice, make sure you’ve browsed the meta description representing the most acceptable choice from all that you might potentially believe of.

After you’ve encapsulated what I laid out in optimum 156 characters, you can save your meta description. It must have only 156 characters because the optimum Google will display in the online search engine results for each question.


7- Use Unique Images and ALT Tag

In the on-page SEO task list, another crucial SEO checklist you ought to validate is the alt information or description in your image to make your content much more appropriate.

If you’ve never considered including images, please try and include at least one in your material to make it more understandable and specific.

Suppose you’re utilizing an open-source material management system, such as WordPress or Blogger. In that case, it’s simple to include an image alt description. You can have a look at the next photo to get a concept:

Screenshot Of Images ALT Setting

8- Use Keyword In H1, H2, H3 Tag For Search Engine Optimization

Ensure to include your primary keyword in H1, H2 or H3 tags. 

Example: You may have seen that I consisted of the term “on-page SEO task list or Checklist” in the very first subheading or sub-header on this page.

9- Use Synonyms and LSI Keywords

Today, Google is clever and intelligent. 

Instead of using the same keyword 100 times, utilize synonyms and LSI keywords.

For example, let’s state you wish to rank for “how to start a blog.” Well, you’d want to mention that precise keyword a couple of times on your page and synonyms like:

  • How to setup a blog on WordPress
  • Starting a blog
  • How to create a blog
  • How to launch a blog

10- Write Unique Content For Steps Of On-Page SEO

Craft copy that is initial and not copied from other sources. Do not copy material that is currently released on your website or released on any other websites. If it has material copied or replicated from other websites, browse engines might punish your website or not rank your page.

11- Write Short Paragraph: On-Page SEO Factors Checklist

50% of the population read it listed below an 8th-grade reading level. 

Short paragraphs are much easier to read and comprehend. Writing professionals recommend paragraphs of no more than 156 words in three to 8 sentences. Paragraphs must never be longer than 250 words. 

Differ the lengths of your paragraphs to make them more fascinating for an on-page SEO task list or checklist.


12- Write Content For An 8th Grade Reading Level

Composing premium or high-quality material or content does not indicate writing like it’s a college-level research paper. That suggests utilizing typical terms (not intricate market lingo) and composing brief sentences and paragraphs.

13- Use Primary Keyword In First And Last Paragraph

Program online search engine that the page is carefully related to the subject by bookending your copy with a reference of the main keyword. Attempt to utilize the target keyword near your first paragraph and within your last paragraph to enhance what your material has to do with. 

This will assist make it clear to online search engine why your material matters.

Keep in mind that this point is crucial for the on-page SEO task list or checklist.

14- Use External Links For Techniques of On-Page SEO

Make sure to external links out to 4-6 authority sites in your article.

15- Use Internal Links

Hyperlinks aid online search engine link and understand online content. Include relevant internal links to other web pages on your website. When possible, utilize the linked page’s target keyword as the anchor text for the link.

16-Add Social Sharing Links

When it is enhanced for both search and social, the material is more likely to be discovered. Consist of sharing buttons, and include click-to-tweet, other and click-to-share social sharing call to actions on the page.

17- Open Commenting Feature

SEO needs to have a comment feature enabled in their blog or article. The comment provides valuable feedback from the audience about your writing, which you can use in an upcoming article. 

Google also recommends this.

Points On Technical SEO Task List Or Checklist

Technical SEO can make or break your rankings. Repairing technical SEO issues isn’t that difficult … specifically if you follow the products on this On-page SEO Task List.


1- Add Your Website In Search Console

Add Website In Google Search Console

Another crucial on-page SEO task list or checklist you must inspect is the connection with Google Search Console. You need to examine the guide to see how if you have not registered your website. 

If you have registered your website, you must validate the message board in the left menu (see the screenshot listed below). To determine the initial steps before you begin making any modifications.

2- Add Sitemap In Search Console For Factors of On-Page SEO

Add Your Website’s Sitemap Successfully In Search Console

The idea of a sitemap is to assist online search engine to choose which pages must be crawled and which the canonical version of each is. 

It is merely a list of URLs that define your website’s primary material to make sure that it crawls and indexes. 

Google supports a variety of various sitemap formats, but XML is the most typically utilized. You will usually discover your website’s sitemap at https://www.domain.com/sitemap.xml.


3- Fix Crawl Errors For Google Search Console

Crawl mistakes or errors suggest that Google is having trouble viewing the material on your website.

They won’t rank it if they can’t view it. It’s as basic as that. That’s why you ought to fix or repair these issues as soon as possible.

4- Make Your Site is Mobile-Friendly For Search Engine Optimization

Make Your Site is Mobile-Friendly For Search Engine Optimization
Accelerated Mobile Pages

When Audi released a website with a design that adjusts to internet browser viewport, a brand-new period for front end designers began early in 2002. 

Mashable called 2013 the Year of active or Responsive Web Design. Nowadays, it would help if you had a responsive style to make sure an excellent user experience. 

You can see how the responsive site style works. It reveals three paragraphs of text; for a tablet, two sections, and a mobile or cellphone, only one paragraph. That, the desktop has a landscape format and the other gadgets a picture format.

In an on-page SEO task list or checklist nowadays, there are great tools and HTML codes to help you develop responsive site styles and improve your load speed. That is why the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project was born.

The AMP is a classy service and more straightforward method to construct web pages for static material that render much faster. 
The nice part is that if your site doesn’t utilize customized JavaScript and it’s fixed chiefly. You most likely do not even need to develop a 2nd variation of it for AMP.
Every AMP document includes the AMP JS JavaScript library that delivers maximum efficiency by adding and validating a couple of essential rules in your markup.

5- Make Sure Your Site Loads Fast For SEO tasks and responsibilities

The load speed time and bounce rate go together. As long as your website has a low load speed page, your visitors will leave your website and might never return. We reside in the fastest age of innovation. Individuals live on properties that every page on the internet needs to fill in the blink of an eye.

In an on-page SEO task list, website speed is an essential element for ranking in the search engine result. You can validate the load speed time with totally free tools you can quickly identify online. An example of this kind can see in the following screenshot:. 

Make Sure Your Site Loads Fast for SEO tasks and responsibilities
Website Loading Speed For Good Responsive SEO

6. Create a Robots.txt File For Ranking Factors

Rather merely, your website’s robots.txt file informs online search engine crawlers of the pages and files that web spiders can or can’t ask for from your website.

It is typically utilized to prevent specific areas of your website from being crawled. It is not meant to be used to de-index a web page and stop it from revealing on Google. 

You can discover your web site’s robots.txt file at https://www.domain.com/robots.txt. 

Examine whether you currently have one in place.

You require to produce one– even if you are not presently requiring to avoid any web pages from being crawled if you do not.

Several WordPress SEO plugins permit users to develop and modify their robots.txt file. However, suppose you are utilizing various CMS. In that case, you may require to by hand create the file using a full-screen editor and upload it to the root of your domain.

7. Set Up Your Website In Google Analytics

Without the best information, you can’t make the right choices. 

Google Analytics is a free marketing analytics tool that enables you to see information and insights about the number of individuals are visiting your website. Who they are, and how they are engaging with it. 

Our definitive guide will stroll you through whatever you require to understand about the tool as a novice, consisting of setting it up and the reports that you will discover the most helpful. However, this is for sure: you can’t run an effective SEO method and on-page SEO task list without it. 

You will likewise require to link Google Analytics and Google Search Console to import information from the latter.


Most frequent questions and answers
Ans- Points On-Page SEO Checklist 2021

1- Keyword Research
2- Clean Duplicate Content
3- Add Keyword In URLs
4- Make Short URLs
5- Add Keyword In Your Article Title Tag
6- Write Meta Description
7- Use Unique Images And ALT Tag
8- Use Keyword In H1, H2, H3 Tag
9- Use Synonyms and LSI Keywords
10- Write Unique Content 
11- Write Short Paragraph 
12- Write Content For An 8th Grade Reading Level
13- Use Keyword In First And Last Paragraph
14- Use External Links
15- Use Internal Links
16-Add Social Sharing Links
17- Open Commenting Feature
Ans- On-page SEO describes the SEO aspects you manage on the website or the web page code itself. Examples of on-page SEO consist of material, headers and headings, image optimization, title tags, meta descriptions, structured information, and more.
Ans- There are three kinds of SEO you require for a well-rounded natural search technique: on-page SEO, technical SEO, and off-page SEO. 
By breaking down your method and thinking of SEO as these three classifications, it will be a lot easier to arrange and perform your optimization strategies.
Ans- The following are SEO parameters such as - domain rating, page rating, quality content, number of backlinks on the website, and many more...


This on-page SEO task list or job list above consists of the most crucial SEO jobs. I assure you that there are other various SEO jobs you ought to inspect. However, these are the ones you ought to focus on. 

You must track and assess your SEO work to make sure you see some outcomes. Constantly attempt to make every effort and enhance to clean up the wrong links, damaged pages, crawl mistakes, bad execution strategies. Metrics are essential, although no one likes to keep an eye on them.

We’ll be delighted to hear the great news about the enhancements of your websites. If you have any other on-page SEO task list you would like to include in this checklist, and we’d be more than delighted if you’d share them with us.


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