How to Get Free 5k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes [100% Safe]

If you are here for how to get 5k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes, then you have chosen the right place. We will give you some such tricks and tips by which you can get 5k followers on Instagram, that too in just 5 minutes and this is absolutely 100% safe and secure method.

But the truth is bit bitter as getting your initial 5000 Instagram followers can be a bit difficult. But if you are using any paid service then it can happen in 5 minutes.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get initial 1000 or 5000 insta followers quickly. All you have to do is follow the tips and tricks that I have mentioned and your dream can come true.

Now without wasting your time here are some tips and tricks that will make you successful on Instagram.

If you want to get real Instagram followers then you should make Insta Reels because Reels go viral very quickly and they are very popular among youth. In making a reel, you can take topics of your interest and you can convey your point to the people in less time.

In 2019, Instagram launched the feature of creating reels. Reels is a short video platform where videos of 15 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds are created.

To make a reel, you should use those content which people like very much like- entertainment, funny, education etc.

After making reel use related and trending hashtags of your content in it so that your reel will go viral quickly and you should make at least 1 reel every day because it will always keep you fresh and you will get your first 0 to 10,000 instagram quickly reach followers.

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2- Other Content Repost for Get 1k on Instagram in One Day

Everyone on Instagram wants to get their first 1k followers very quickly. When I first created my Instagram account, I quickly started reposting other content as well to gain followers, which made me complete 1k insta followers very quickly.

Before reposting someone else’s content, we should take care of some things, otherwise our account can be banned forever. Here are some precautions that you should follow if you want to save your account from getting banned.

  1. Repost only the content related to your category.
  2. Before posting any content again, add some unique content to it.
  3. When reposting content, don’t forget to give credit to the original creator.
  4. Before posting the content again, do edit that content.

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3- Use Relevant Hashtags To gain Real Followers on Instagram for Free

If you’re looking for how to get 5k followers on instagram in 5 minutes, using relevant hashtags in your Instagram posts can make it easier for your content to be found when users search for those terms.

Here are some tips that will help you use hashtags in your Instagram posts:

1) Use a Mix of Broad and Specific Hashtags

In addition to using specific niche hashtags, consider using some broad, general hashtags that relate to your content. These hashtags can help your content get discovered by a larger audience. By using such hashtags, you can easily reach a large group of audience.

This can prove to be a good way to make your post viral in Instagram and also your post will easily reach your target user.

2) Use Location-Based Hashtags

If you’re posting content on Instagram that’s relevant to a specific location, you can specify your location so that Instagrammers in that area can see what you post when searching for people of interest in that area. Easy access to content-based hashtags can be used.

If you are posting something about a particular place, you can use hashtags related to that place, for example #Bangalore, #Delhi, #Shimla, #Varanasi, #NewYork etc. You can use location based hashtags.

Consider using location-based hashtags to help users find such posts.

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3) Use Hashtags in Your Instagram Stories

For more and quick followers on Instagram, you have to be active on Insta everyday. Keep posting interesting content for your followers. Creating daily content can be a bit difficult, for this you can use the Insta Story feature.

Here you can get rid of the hard work involved in creating content material. Insta Story is visible on your profile for 24 hours and there are chances of getting more views. Here you can post any picture of your daily routine.

You can use related hashtags in your story to get more views and more insta followers in your insta story. This can help your stories get discovered by users who are searching for those hashtags.

4) Avoid banned hashtags Uses

See, no success is achieved overnight and overnight success can put you in big trouble in the morning. That’s why a great man has said that to be successful in life, one should never use shortcuts because the consequences of these shortcuts are very bad.

So good if you are not confused that how to get 5k followers on instagram in 5 minutes. Many people use banned hashtags in their posts to get followers quickly, after that they get followers but the next moment their Instagram account gets banned forever.

And we don’t want this to happen to you too, so you are advised to never use banned hashtags by Instagram in your posts.

4- Engage With Your Audience to Get 5K Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes Hack.

Connecting with your audience is an important and great way to grow your followers on Instagram. With this we can reach 100 to 10k Instagram followers within 1 month. Here are some of the ways you can connect with your audience on the Instagram platform:

1) Respond to Comments on Post And Messages to Get Instant Followers

Responding to comments and messages from your followers on your posts is a great way to get new followers. When you answer each of your followers’ questions and messages, they (your followers) feel a connection with you, which increases your chances of becoming new followers.

2) Like and comment on other users' posts to Get Quick Insta Followers

You’re more likely to get new quick followers when you build relationships with other Instagram users by interacting with them by liking and commenting on their posts. Doing so can help you build relationships and potentially gain more followers.

3) Run Instagram Polls or Ask Questions

How to get 5k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes You can use the poll and question sticker feature available on Instagram. You can try to engage with your followers by using these questions and polls in your Instagram Stories.

You can ask them some interesting questions or engage with them by creating polls on trading topics and doing so can be a great way to connect with your audience and get to know them better with the potential to gain new followers.

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4) Collaborate With Other Users

Collaborating with other users, especially those who have a larger following than you, can help you reach a wider audience and potentially gain more followers.

5) Use Instagram's "Live" Feature

Using the “Live” feature provided by Instagram can help you get more followers in less time. When you connect with your audience by coming live and letting them know what you do behind the scenes, your audience has a unique relationship with you.

This can be a great way for you to interact with your audience in real time and give them a behind the scenes glimpse into your life or business which can also get you more followers.

5- Utilize Instagram's Algorithm to Boost Your Insta Popularity

Instagram’s algorithm plays a role in determining what content to be shown to users. By understanding how the algorithms work and optimizing your content accordingly, you can increase the chances of your content being shown to more users, potentially leading to more followers.

Here are some ways to use Instagram’s algorithm to grow your followers:

1) Post at The Right Time

How To Get 5k Followers On Instagram In 5 Minutes You should watch your posting time because choosing the right time can help you grow fast on Instagram.

Posting when your audience is most active can help increase the visibility of your content. Use Instagram’s insights or a third-party analytics tool to determine the best times to post based on your audience’s activity.

2) Use Instagram's "Explore" Page to Get Active Insta Followers

To get active and real followers on Instagram, you should use the “Explore” page of Instagram.

Instagram’s “Explore” page shows users content that is popular and relevant to their interests. By using relevant hashtags and connecting with your audience, you can increase the chances of your content appearing on the Explore page and being discovered by a wider audience.

3) Use Instagram's "Save" Feature

When users save your content, it increases the chances of your content being shown to their followers. Encourage your audience to save your content by including a call to action in your caption or bio.

4) Use Instagram's "Close Friends" Feature

Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature allows you to share content with a smaller group of followers or close friends. 

You can get your audience to share your content with their close friends, which increases the chances of your content being seen and engaging with a more engaged audience.

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6- Use Instagram's Paid Promotion Options to Get 100% Real & Instant Followers

Instagram offers paid promotion options, such as sponsored posts and Instagram Ads, that can help you reach a wider audience and potentially gain more followers. Here’s how to use Instagram’s paid promotion options:

1) Set up a Business Account

To use Instagram’s paid promotion options, you’ll need to have a business account on the platform. To set up a business account, go to your profile settings and select “Switch to Business Account.”

2) Set up a Facebook Business Account

In order to use Instagram’s paid promotion options, you’ll also need to have a Facebook business account. If you don’t already have one, you can set one up at

7- Utilize cross-promotion to Gain Followers on Instagram Fast for Free

How to Get 5k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes By using cross-promotion, or promoting your Instagram account on other social media platforms and online channels, you will be able to reach a wider audience and potentially gain more followers on Instagram. Will find can help to do.

Here are some ways to use cross-promotion to increase your Instagram followers:

1) Promote Your Instagram Account on Other Social Media Platforms:

If you have a presence on other social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, consider promoting your Instagram account to your followers on those platforms. You can do this by including a link to your Instagram account in your bio or by sharing content from your Instagram account on those platforms.

2) Include a link to Your Instagram Account on Your Website

If you have a website, consider including a link to your Instagram account in the header or footer of your site. This can help drive traffic and new followers from your website to your Instagram account.

3) Include a link to Your Instagram Account in Your Email Signature

If you use email for business or personal communication, consider including a link to your Instagram account in your email signature. This can help drive traffic and followers to your Instagram account from your email communications.

4) Utilize Instagram's "Link in Bio" Feature

Instagram’s “Link in Bio” feature allows you to include a single clickable link in your bio. You can use this feature to link to your Instagram account from other online platforms or to drive traffic to your website or other online properties.

More FAQs on Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram does not directly pay users for the number of followers they have. However, having a large number of followers can potentially open up opportunities for monetization, such as sponsored content, brand partnerships, and selling products or services.

Gaining 100 followers on Instagram daily is a challenging goal, but it is possible with consistent effort and the right strategies.

  • Post high-quality content consistently
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Engage with your audience
  • Utilize Instagram’s features and tools
  • Utilize cross-promotion

More followers cannot come on a private Instagram account because no one can follow you there. Here only those whose requests you accept are followed. This means that private Instagram account cannot get more followers.


It is not possible, “how to get 5k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes”. Gaining followers on Instagram takes time and effort, and it is not possible to gain a large number of followers quickly. In order to gain followers on Instagram, you need to consistently post high-quality content, engage with your audience, and utilize Instagram’s features and tools. You may also want to consider utilizing cross-promotion, or promoting your Instagram account on other social media platforms and online channels, to reach a wider audience.

It’s important to remember that gaining followers on Instagram is not a quick or easy process. It requires consistent effort and a strategic approach. By following the tips outlined above and putting in the necessary effort, you can increase your followers on Instagram over time.

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