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If it comes, does blogging help SEO? So the answer is yes, it definitely does. If you are the owner of a website and you are worried about the SEO of your website, then blogging can definitely help you in this. By writing a blog, we rank in search engines in an organic way, which is the primary job of SEO.

In this post, you’ll discover how blogging assisted us with SEO for sites in really competitive specific niches. I’ll discuss how we handled to increase Google natural traffic by more than 250% in a really brief amount of time.

The web has actually altered the method we interact. Everybody is a content developer, and it’s crucial to have an online existence. With so many individuals releasing material, does blogging help SEO?

Let’s break down the SEO market and see how to get your material to rank on the very first page of the Google online search engine with this short article.

A Blog is an online journal where individuals discuss things that matter to them. Many individuals utilize it as a journal, and many individuals blog to earn a profit out of it.

Many users do not understand that they begin a blog site and earn money from blogging. This is all legitimate, and thanks to blog site money making strategies like Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, you can be your own employer.

With blogging, we can easily do SEO of any website and provide our website top rank in search engines in an organic way. Search engines like Google also insist that blogging must be done to increase organic traffic on our website.


What is SEO?

To understand that blogging helps SEO, we first need to know about SEO.

SEO represents Search Engine Optimization. The best SEO would be to target a crucial audience, discover what they look for, and provide the info before any of their rivals do.

Eventually, SEO is a method to get your material discovered on the internet and rank in online search engine results pages (otherwise referred to as SERPs).

Types of SEO:-


1) Technical SEO is the procedure of guaranteeing your site is not filled with problems or bugs. For this method to work, there are some aspects to bear in mind:

  • Mobile-friendliness of your site
  • Site loading time
  • Site security
  • Without damaged links and 404 pages

2) Off-page SEO is a technique utilized to develop your site’s track record and authority. This method consists of obtaining links to other sites or social networks sharing. These aspects are vital since online search engines categorize your site as a trustworthy, reliable source.

3) On-page SEO is the procedure of optimizing your site to rank more significant on the search results page. A few of the most essential on-page aspects consist of:

  • Title tags, meta descriptions and keywords
  • Headings
    Keyword density of text material in a post or page (excessive using keywords does more damage than excellent).
  • Including images with alternative texts.
    Including links to appropriate internal and external sources.
  • You might download the Rank Mathematics plugin to enhance your material quickly by utilizing WordPress as your material management system.

Does Blogging Really Help In SEO?

Yes, it does. That’s the primary response. Having a blog site isn’t in and of itself a ranking element.

Because it assists with several crucial ranking aspects, blogging is Extremely great for SEO. 

When you have a blog site that’s upgraded frequently with articles that are high quality and on subjects pertinent to your audience, it can make a substantial distinction to how your general site carries out in the online search engine.

Here are some essential reasons that confirm whether does blogging helps SEO:-

1. Blogging Helps To Keep Your Website Fresh.

Does blogging help SEO? If you ever come across a site that you understand hasn’t been upgraded in years, you most likely instantly lose some reliance on the details you’re seeing.

The business it represents might have failed entirely, or the site could be supplying details that’s been wholly exposed or altered because of that last upgrade.

Google does not wish to provide its searchers obsoleted info. Sites that are routinely fresh and upgraded signal that the site lives and offers new material.

It likewise provides the online search engine algorithms more factors to index your site regularly, keeping it more on their radar gradually.

You’re most likely not going to have the factor in upgrading your homepage often (and it would not always be an excellent service relocate to do so). Hence, a blog site is a more helpful tool for regularly including brand-new material on your site.


2. Blogging Can Rank in Long-Tail Keywords.

Many individuals begin SEO wishing to go for the most appropriate keywords for your service. If you offer camping equipment, you desire to reveal the term “outdoor camping equipment.”

While that’s a good objective, unless you’re the most unique outdoor camping equipment brand name in the nation, you’re most likely going to have a difficult time landing a leading area for that search.

SEO is truly competitive. The best bet for many brand names is to try to find more extended, more particular keywords individuals are looking for that relate to business and attempt to rank for those.

These are called long-tail keywords, and they’re exceptionally crucial for any SEO method– half of all searches are for terms that are 4 words or longer. 

They can be uncomfortable to attempt to fit into your item pages. Does blogging help SEO? They’re the ideal terms to target in a blog site post.

A shop that offers outdoor camping equipment can utilize their article to provide info on terms like “finest outdoor camping equipment for winter” or “what do you require when you go automobile outdoor camping?”

These searches do not bring in as much traffic as “camping equipment” does; however, they originate from individuals plainly in your target market of campers and, if you can make it onto page one, you’ll get way more traffic from these subjects than you would on page 5 or 10 for broader more popular terms.


3. Blogging Increases Your Page View Time.

Google’s primary top priority is offering individuals carrying out searches with the info they’re searching for, so they’ll keep returning to utilize Google once again.

If somebody who does a search clicks the very first link, then discovers it unhelpful and instantly delegates return to the search page– that informs Google that the very first outcome wasn’t as valuable as they believed. 

On the other hand, when somebody clicks a result and remains on the site for a while, that indicates to Google that this site is, in fact, convenient.

On does blogging help SEO while Google hasn’t stated outright that dwell time, or the time that individuals invest in your site once they arrive on it, is undoubtedly a ranking aspect, they have actually made other declarations that make it clear it’s something they take note of and impart worth to.

Somebody who pertains to your site from an article that appears on the search results page will have more factors to remain for a while and check out the entire thing than somebody who arrives at a page with less text or details.

Which ends up being much more the case with longer, more thorough posts. SEO scientists have actually discovered that long-form posts tend to carry out much better than much shorter ones– the typical first-page outcome on Google is almost 2,000 words long.


4. Blogging Helps In Building High-Quality Backlinks.

However, those internal links matter; the most challenging part of SEO is making external links. For Google to see your site as trustworthy and reliable, other websites (and reputable ones) need to connect back to yours. It’s possible to get external links without a blog site, but it’s much, much harder.

When you compose a blog site, you fill your site with page after page of important info. Whenever another site chooses, it’s important to their readers to point them to beneficial information on the various website; there’s a far greater possibility that your site will supply the details that deserve connecting to if you have actually got a lot of fantastic posts.

Research study bears this out. HubSpot has discovered that businesses that have a blog site make approximately 90% more incoming links. 

It simply makes good sense that more sites will connect to that precious post you discussed how to discover the very best Mom’s Day present for a picky mother than to your homepage.


5. Blogging Is The Best Way To Connect With The Audience.

This isn’t a direct connecting aspect like links are. However, it is something that considerably adds to connecting elements. 

When your audience checks out a post they like, they’re most likely to share it, drive more traffic to it, return to your site once again to see more of your material and perhaps even register for your e-mail list.

That reveals to Google that individuals like your site and raises your authority level in their algorithm when you get lots of traffic and repeat visitors.

And does blogging help SEO? While that’s quite fantastic from an SEO point of view, it’s eventually more vital to the success of your site than where you remain in the rankings.

Individuals in your target market visiting your site, getting in touch with it, and ending up being routine fans is better than any # 1 area on Google (that’s the actual factor you desire the site in Google, to begin with).

A blog site is an excellent way to make those connections and begin an ongoing relationship with individuals you wish to reach.

6. Blogging Helps In Doing Internal Linking.

Much of SEO is about links, and internal links are the simplest ones for you to get, given that you can develop them for yourself. Stopping working to consist of internal links on your site that point users from one page on the website to another is among the most essential SEO errors you can make.

While you can most likely discover some tremendous internal connecting possibilities on the primary pages of your site, as soon as you begin releasing the article, the chances will actually bloom.

As you include more pages on associated however different subjects, you have more chances to naturally connect those pages to each other.

Each time you do so, you can tactically utilize the anchor text too much better inform Google what the page you’re connecting to is about– enhancing its connection to your target keywords in how the algorithm sees it.


Why Is Blogging Important For SEO?

Does blogging help is most important in SEO? This question arises that why the blog is essential for SEO, then. You are given this answer in detail to understand why blogging is crucial to SEO.


Target More Keywords

Blogging offers you a terrific chance to target keywords that you can not target with your landing pages.

Let’s presume that you have a site selling online SEO Courses and digital marketing services.

You currently have enhanced landing pages for each of your services and an improved homepage for your primary keywords.

That’s excellent; however, your natural traffic will be below. Why? Since likely, numerous sites (more significant and older than yours) target those keywords.

You can attempt and get some backlinks to enhance your SEO and rankings; however, quickly enough, you’ll recognize it’s too challenging to get other web designers to connect to your item pages naturally.

What should you do? That’s where blogging concerns the rescue.

You can begin a blog site, perform your keyword research study to discover other search terms individuals utilize that belong to your services and items and begin releasing material.

Depending on the SEO keywords you have selected, you can utilize various methods to get high rankings.

You can either pick to pursue long-tail keywords that are more targeted and straightforward to rank for or seek more popular keywords by releasing long-form material and developing content silos.


2. Chance For Natural Link Building

Does blogging help SEO a site to rank high up on Google? It requires excellent backlinks. A fantastic method to get those links and increase the authority of your domain is through blogging.

Other blog writers are most likely to connect to an excellent post instead of services or product page.

These links might not directly impact your rankings, but they will make your domain more powerful, and this will benefit all pages on your site.

Stats reveal that businesses who blog get 90% more links to their sites.


How To Start A Blog For Better SEO And Rank Top On Search Engines

Now that you understand the SEO benefits of blogging, you might be questioning how to get going. You can examine WordPress to get a complimentary blogging platform that can be set upright on your site if you do not currently have a blog site.

However, if you currently have a blog site desire to make it more SEO-friendly, there are methods to do that! An excellent way to begin is by following a few of the recommendations above– for instance, post regularly or attempt to include keywords into your material.

You can likewise use the info from our on-page SEO list to make your blog site more noticeable in searches.

If you’re uncertain that you can enhance your SEO and does blogging help SEO through blogging– or you do not have the time to devote to composing material for your blog site– RealPost can assist.

We provide content marketing services that can give you a consistent stream of pertinent, high quality, and link-worthy articles and infographics that your fans and fans will enjoy!

Would you like to know how to offer your blog site sticking power in an online search engine? Contact us today for a totally customized, no-obligation quote. 

We’ll enjoy revealing how we have assisted companies much like yours prosper online through blogging and SEO marketing!



Ans. Blog site comments have effective SEO, networking and traffic advantages. You ought to routinely be leaving value-adding, long-form discuss routine blog sites in your specific niche to aid with your link structure & broader digital marketing technique. The much better the comment, the much better the outcomes you’ll obtain from it.


Ans. While some swear by publishing daily, there’s really a verified sweet area regarding publishing frequency. Most professionals concur that blogging 2 to 4 times each week is the best method to see increased traction from your material.

Ans. Since it assists with several essential ranking elements, blogging is excellent for SEO. When you have a blog site that’s upgraded frequently with posts that are high quality and on subjects appropriate to your audience, it can make a substantial distinction to how your general site carries out in the online search engine.


I sincerely hope that you liked this blogpost and you are enjoying it.

Does Blogging Help SEO? Whatever is written here, if you follow it completely, then you will start writing blog for your website from today itself. Blogging is the most important thing for SEO of any website.

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